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Weird symptoms

I pulled into the parking lot at work one day, and my life fell apart. A weird dizziness and a pressure behind my left eye. I called in sick, (sitting in the parking lot!) and drove home like a drunken sailor. Managed to get into my apartment, the weird colors and wavy textures were fun 🙁 as was the spinning. A nap and I was fine. It happened the next day and I hustled to the ER for a MRI. nothing. They said it was vertigo.

Well, vertigo goes away at some point. I was dizzy constantly. 3-5 days a week. no pain. no nausea. no lighting in front of my eyes. not a single migraine symptom that I could find on line. I was dizzy, but the room doesn’t spin. It rolls. Its like my ‘vertical hold’ is off.

The neurologist said migraines: “people have migraines without any headaches all the time!” the unspoken message, ‘I know more than you do, don’t ask questions, don’t waste my time’. During the next few months they loaded me up on so many medicines I could barely function, so of course I lost my job, the job I had worked at for 21 years.

Sometimes one pupil is larger than the other, sometimes I get that weird pressure before things start to roll, but not others. Not one single headache in 1 1/2 years. A second neurologist said, “well, maybe could be, but I don’t know.”

Its hard to live this way. I can’t get a job because I can’t drive a couple of days a week. I have no insurance because I have no job – no more migraine medicines for me! this has been hard on my family.

I count my self lucky that I don’t have the debilitating headaches that everyone else does. They say sometimes migraines stop as you get older. I sure hope so.

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  • Chip&Dale
    6 years ago

    I hope you find answers and yes I hope for you they get better as time goes on. Mine unfortunately have only gotten worse. But I have the “hammer to the head” type with other symptoms.
    Here’s one odd symptom I experience that I will share with you…
    Smells, yep smells. Not just being sensitive to smells but smelling things not present. In my case cigarette smoke.
    We’re a non smoking house and rarely spend time around smokers but right before I get hit with a migraine I experience an overwhelming smell of cigarettes. Yuk!
    That in itself is enough to make my stomach churn.

  • coldhardknitter
    6 years ago

    When my migraines started to. Scone a disruptive force they started like this. There is a book called Migraines by…. I can’t remember….but it is mmore text book that gooey informational crap. I am not a doctor but I soul guess you mightlook up Basilar Arterial Migraines to see if any of that describe es you. Also try to find a neurologists who sees peoplewho have epilepsy only. An Epileptiologist. Go to the Epilepsy Founddation of America fore more info.
    These are really weird….I know how scathe it is. Keep your chin up. Also keep a daily log….this will help the doc help you faster. Best of luck.

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