What's wrong with me?

I got married almost 5 years ago. Right after I got married I started to get debilitating migraines that would last a day or 2. And I would get them about 2-3 times a month. So I went to the Dr. and all she said was that it was from "the stress of being a newly wed" and gave me a prescription.

I didn't believe her since I was more stressed planning the wedding than I was married. So I continued to get migraines but they seemed to become less frequent for about a year. Then I started getting them 2-3 times a month again and the prescription wasn't working. I went back to the Dr. and told her that before the migraines my neck would get really tight and that the prescription wasn't working.

According to her I wasn't taking the meds early enough. So I started tracking my migraines and what meds worked and when. 3 years go by and she finally says that since it is starting in my neck and going to my head I need to see my neurologist. He does 2 M.R.I.'s then sends me to a neurosurgeon who took one look at the M.R.I. pictures and showed them to me and said that my migraines are caused by the fact that neck is completely straight...both of my doctors knew that me and my husband were rear ended at 65mph 7 years prior and the ER did not x-ray my neck.

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