You never forget what it is like to have a migraine.

I recall having migraines straight after doing physical exercise in my early 20's particularly when it was a warm day or I was over exerted and possibly dehydrated. I would go and lay down in my car and go to sleep. I'm sure everyone thought I was a freak!

I guess over the years I got used to getting the migraines and when I felt the warning signals I would pop a couple of either Panadol and later I found that Nurofen worked better. But if I missed the signs or didn't get the over the counter drugs in to me in time, I would end up throwing up and be out of it for the rest of the day usually missing out on the rest of my weekend also. Then the after effects of the feeling of a migraine hangover for a day or so after. I really didn't make the connection on the correlation with my migraines and menstruation until my late 30's. I got migraines at least every three months, sometimes more often and at the most inappropriate moment when we were about to go out for the evening.

When I was 32 a friend of mine introduced me to a company that offered magnetic, far infrared and negative ion technologies. I was looking for relief and I could see that these technologies could help. Amongst the products that I purchased was the sleep system and a necklace. I started wearing the necklace and sleeping on the sleep system and found that the migraines didn't debilitate me so often and the symptoms were not as severe, so I still had nausea and back pain but no vomiting.

Today I still get the warning signals either a day before menstruation or within three days of and what I use to relieve the symptoms is place a few small but powerfull magnets on to the areas that I feel tight and/or tender and find that I am relieved immediately (within 15 minutes).

I drink a lot more water as well to take away the nausea and dehydrated feeling I get, but I don't take any drugs which saves me money. The signs I get before a migraine are; black spots or lines in my vision, continuous yawning, fatigue, mood change, constipation, muscle tension in my shoulders and back and soreness under my shoulder blades. I have never been one to take drugs unless it was totally necessary and it certainly was necessary when I didn't know of any other alternative, so using magnetic, far infrared and negative ion technologies is an alternative so that I am completely drug free.

The last time I felt a migraine coming on I quickly placed the magnets on the back of my shoulders and kept them on for about three days, I felt a little nauseous for a few days but I didn't get a full-blown migraine and I have being doing this for a few years now with the same result. I continue to wear the necklace and sleep on the sleep system aswell. This stuff works and by telling my story I hope to help people like you do what I have done, and by telling your story to others you too can help thousands of people.

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