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What Life?

Six weeks ago, I got up to go to work and the room was spinning and was very dizzy. Since that day, I have had constant migraine left eye with dizziness, nausea, blurry vision, and neck pain. I went to the urgent care two weeks after dealing with this for two weeks, they said it seemed to be sinus (no symptoms of sinus issues) and gave me meds. Went to ER 4 weeks with severe headache, they gave me a shot and medicine through my IV. While I was there they completed a scan of my brain. Everything was okay, with an exception of frontal lobe mild atrophy, out of proportion. I have a neuro. apt in a few weeks, but everyday I have this migraine with dizziness and nausea. Is it common to have a headache everyday? I have an ENT appt. next week and family doctor appt. too.

I’m 51 and work as a chief of staff, volunteer making chemo blankets for cancer patients, and energetic, prior to this migraine. I do take thyroid medicine, and within the last month forgot to take my meds about 8 days out of the 30, not sure if this would cause a migraine. I can’t focus, and have taken 9 sick days within the last 6 weeks. I go to bed at 5:00 and is taking a toll on my family and job. Can anyone tell me if this will get better? Any suggestions? I do not have a life!

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  • iwillhavealifeagain
    8 months ago

    Best advise I can give. Go to a neurologist who deals with migraines and vertigo. There are a few available
    Mine turned on three and a half years ago. Vertigo is still there migraines are under control. The idea is if the migraines are under control your vertigo calms down. I have found that is true but have sensativity to meds so it has been a long road. Botox for me and now Aimovig

  • amityville
    8 months ago

    well hello folks, I know there is a lot of people on here with different types of migraines. Well I have something called ” Intractable Migraines” I have had it for right around 12 years +. I have the nausea, vomitting, upset stomach, and I have some things that really bother me. Womans loud perfume it is like when thy put it on they don’t just put a little on they put a whole bottle of it on. Also in the stores these cinnamon brooms they have in Grocery Stores they really get to me TG these brooms ain’t around here all year long! I hope somone can sort of fill me in on what “Intractable Migraines” are cause I do have a Neuro Dr. but to be honest he hasn’t really said. Now the medicine I take for my Migraines is about the only thing that really works and that is Morphine Sulfate, out of 12 different medicines that I have tried this is the only thing that seems to work.I have even tried 100% oxygen therapy and that just made my Migraines much worse. Now when I run out of my medicine I am a Zombie! I can’t sleep and I have this one place on my elbow that drives me insane. I just wish I could figure this one out as well. I just say what is going on with me.

  • ccf23
    8 months ago

    caramani I can relate. Sometimes the anguish and worry are worse or as bad as the physical symptoms, which are terrifying. But you are doing all the right things to find help. I can tell you are a fighter. A headache specialist is your best bet.. I know it is hard but sometimes you have to give yourself permission to be sick until you get the help that is on the way. That has comforted me and I hope it does the same for you.

  • scaldrone
    8 months ago

    I’m so sorry you have to go through this. It definitely can get better. I’ve had migraines for years, and my best advice is to find a headache specialist. Maybe your neuro specializes in headaches, but if not, try to find someone who does because migraines are complex and they attack your whole body. Unfortunately, as you’ve learned, even great doctors often don’t know how to diagnose and treat them effectively. If it’s possible for you, you could even look into an in-patient hospital program. I have done that twice with the Diamond Headache Clinic, for about a week each time, when my migraines were relentless like yours, and it broke the cycle. So, that’s my big advice. My small advice is to have someone get you a slushie. Ice helps my migraine symptoms, and there is nothing better than a slushie! It freezes my head from the inside out. It’s like drinking an ice pack, and I love it. Hang in there. I’ll be thinking of you.

  • Kayeff
    8 months ago

    I completely understand as i am in a similar position. I am 30 years old and I have had a constant migraine now for 2 years which includes constant dizziness which is debilitating. Most days i am bedbound. It’s absolutely horrible and I am so sorry you are suffering too. I was diagnosed with vestibular migraines which can be daily for some people. There are websites and Facebook groups zand forums devoted specifically to Vestibular migraine or Migraine Associated Dizziness where you may find advice from fellow sufferers. Lots of people suffer for months or years on end but most also find successful treatment and are able to get their lives back. Whether that’s medication, diet and lifestyle change, vestibular therapy, vitamins or botox. It’s difficult to treat and may take alot of trial and error. The best person to treat you is a neurologist or a neuro-otogist. You mentioned that you forgot to take your thyroid meda – thyroid conditions can cause chronic migraines so when your thyroid levels get back to where they should be perhaps the migraine will also go away. Good luck, and hang in there.

  • Nancy Harris Bonk moderator
    8 months ago

    Hi caramani,

    I can imagine how frustrating that must be! I’m sorry you are going through this.

    Good to hear you are following up with your doctors. I can tell you almost 80% of people who think they have sinus issues, really have migraine. When you get a chance, take a look at this article on sinus and migraine;

    It’s possible that skipping medications could trigger a migraine attack – that’s a great question for your doctor. Speaking of seeing the doctor, let me share this information on how to get ready for your appointment;

    I certainly hope this passes sooner rather than later. Will you keep me posted?

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