What will be next?

Mine started when I was 14 yrs old, I'm now 57. I have been diagnosed with cluster/migraines. Where one can set the other off. I have never had auras or anything of the sort. I always wake-up in the middle of the night and it's full blown with nausea then dry heaves. I have gone the gambit with treatments including Biofeed back to Botox. What truly worked for me is no longer used. Dermeral and Fenagan injectiins. I'm now on pain management with Morephine Sulphate Extended Release 30mgs twice daily and Morphine Sulphate Immediate release 30mgs for hreak through pain. But i hate how the Immediate Release makes me fill and the hangover the day after.

I will be going to a new specialist and tapering off all the Morephines, not sure what we will be doing next. This will be my 11th Neurologist/ Headache Specialist sense they started 43 yrs ago.. I was told that it's not common for a male to have these, that its usually females that have these.....lucky me huh. I know my triggers by several years of headache journals. I'll keep you posted with what we do next.

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