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Last updated: December 2021

I’m 64 and have had migraine since puberty. I am sharing my tools to help prevent attacks, and also some remedies.

I’m currently taking Aimovig, and over the past six months have had Botox injections performed by a neurologist. Insurance covers the Botox since it is meant to relieve suffering, not just fix my wrinkles. I wanted to share it's very effective for me.

When to go to the ER

It turns out I had a brain bleed in the cerebellum that I thought was a migraine. The same thing happened to me with meningitis. If ever a headache really differs from the "regular" ones you are used to, run to your nearest ER. Wish I would have.

My tricks

  • Small alcohol pads to cut the smell of triggers like smoke, lavender, and pesticides. Dab it under nostrils or use orange or lemon essential oils. Chattanooga gel pads are the best, I always keep at least four in the freezer.
  • Cold room, anything for vasoconstriction,
  • Dark eye mask, iced coffee.
  • Zofran if vomiting.

Final thought

Don’t give up, find a headache specialist and see them regularly.

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