Weird Smell!

26 years ago I had olfactory migraines with the smell and taste of paint coming from my throat while pregnant with my son. Saw the head of migraine studies at a teaching hospital who informed me that only about 4% of all migraines are olfactory. Said it was hormone based and would go after the pregnancy; and the did. 26 years later I suddenly have them again!! NO NOT PREGNANT and post- menopause so not hormone related. Seem like an aura 2-3 days pre-weather change. LOTS of people complaining of migraines lately due to extreme weather change but why would they appear out of nowhere after so long? Had an inner ear infection 6 months ago and have been using a compounded nasal spray to help but even after terminating its use for 4 days paint smell/taste still persisted. What to do??

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