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Migraine with a dose of muscle aches & pains

I am active at home mom with 2 boys both in sports i have been living with migraines for five years I went to the doctors and felt like a guinea pig medicine after medicine changing my diet trying meditation and yoga nothing helps so I lock myself in the room pillows over my face it could last hours just a couple months ago I had felt funky mood swings don’t want to do anything avoiding people panic attacks my life has been hell i’ve tried different doctors different hospitals I don’t know what to do anymore.

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  • Katie M. Golden moderator
    5 years ago

    I’m so sorry things have been rough for you lately. It’s so frustrating when you put all your time and energy into getting better and it doesn’t seem to be helping.

    You mentioned having muscles aches and pains. That’s something I deal with a lot. I’ve done physical therapy with little results. Yoga helps me now quite a bit. At one time, my doctor put me on muscle relaxants like Flexeril or Valium- have you tried these? They may also help with some of the social anxiety you mentioned. Of course its a personal choice to be on meds like these and something that should be discussed with your doctor.

    Biofeedback and meditation might be options for you to consider if you haven’t tried them yet. For me, these haven’t cured my Migraines, but they are a way of helping to cope and manage the stress and pain.

    Dr. Marcus wrote a great article about balancing drug and natural ways to cope with Migraines.

    I wish you well!

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