My Journey as a Woman Living with Migraine

Last updated: June 2021

My migraines started at age 12. I've dealt w migraines for over 51 yrs.

A woman living with migraine

I had hoped after a certain point I would not still be a migraine girl. Alas: I am. As a woman, I have seen mine have phases of 15 per month. And now after a 2 yr improvement, they have increased and via neurologist has explored new meds. My migraines got worse at age 32. By 42 I began finding better Drs that saw me as an individual. By 52 I was miserable. I have had triggers mostly barometric pressure and hormonal.

Managing my triggers

As I've gotten older the migraines are less severe. And I've been able to half my Zomig rx. From 5 mg to 2.5. While I have a better total function. I had to retire early. I continue to feel isolated w every event I'm invited to or any weekly responsibility that I take on. For yrs, I lived a very regimented life, and still do. I feel I miss out on many many eats because the weather is a constant change here in Southern Il. Humidity, hydration, allergies, there feels like it's constant.

Family and isolation

I have a great husband. Who has learned not to react to everything I say before a migraine comes. In any 12 hr period before one strikes: I'm often moody and clumsy and on occasion have eye changes, and have carb cravings. In my half-century of having these. The triggers are vast. Ones which u can't always control. I watch how angry I feel at times. It has helped me understand others' pain better. I just switched to Propanolol. I don't know if it's working. Probably worse than not being able to function is the isolation one feels when my adult children live away and they visit. How much I wish my kids and friends understood how difficult dialogue is within 72 hrs of migraines. Migraines for everyone is a 2-3 day arc.

I grow really fatigued explaining again to someone. Migraine is a different life; I've learned to say no, I can't do that.
It's still a huge huge part of life few can understand.

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