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I have had migraines since I was about 13, and I'm 27 now. I can't really remember when they began, why, how or where. Between keeping a migraine journal/diary with weather, menstrual cycle, food, sleeping times & exercise I am just not sure what else I can honestly do.

I have seen countless neurologists and migraine/headache specialists. I have been in an in-patient & out-patient treatment program specifically for migraines and the treatment of migraines & head pain. I have also been diagnosed with occipital neuralgia. I have been under-prescribed, over-prescribed, detoxed from both and started over again. I have weaned off of all of my medications & am now only on one (out of 9). I am kind of just at my wit's end at this point & do not know where to turn next for answers.

I wonder if it will ever end, but I realize it is a chronic illness that I'll live with forever. I'm not even a mom yet, so of course I wonder how parenthood will effect my life. I allowed one set of doctors to prescribe me tons of medication for preventative care, only for me to realize about a 1.5 yr later that these medicines had more side effects than anything. My regular physician helped me slowly taper off, though it was a struggle.

I still have good days & bad. I'm in constant pain throughout my neck, occipital nerve area & upper shoulders. I am nauseated most every day for some reason or another causing me to throw up. All of these issues together definitely alter my mood & more often than not tend to make me a little grumpier at times. I'm tired, all the time.. but too much sleep will trigger a migraine, yet not enough sleep does too. Would love to find a way to just live a little more normal of a life, for people to understand what I/we are going through on a daily basis...

I have had Botox, nerve blocks, trigger points. Torodol injections and Phenergan injections when the pain gets bad enough. Physical therapy helped some but really just learning the stretches to sit at work to do them on my own is the most helpful thing I took from it.

There has to be a more helpful, non-invasive way to treat this condition.

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