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CBD: Oil, Vape, ETC.

  • By Nateyboy

    I have been told by many people that I should try CBD for my chronic migraines. I have pain everyday and have not been able to find an abortive solution for my migraines or preventative. My headache specialist is starting to push drugs in the tier 3-2 drug ranking and I am starting to get worried about addiction, and the inability to be functional because of pain relief. I know CBD is a legal hemp production throughout the US and considered and food additive. There is a lot fo research surrounding it I just have not found much related to headaches and migraines.

    Has anyone used CBD in any form for their migraines? I would love both successes and failures and how it made you feel because functionality is important to me. Thanks!

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  • By Mountainmeg

    Hi – I am currently using CBD pills available through a local dispensary(Colorado). They are a 1:1 CBD/thc ratio, meaning there is actual cannabis in them. I was told that the CBD is more effective with a little THC in the product. Helps activate the CBD. I tried the hemp CBD but it didn’t do much for me. Some people have had great success with hemp CBD. It’s definitely more available for folks that don’t live where there is medicinal or recreational shops around. The hemp company I used was Bluebird Botanicals. They will ship their product around the US.
    A different herbal I have been taking is Kudzu. Now this feels more promising for me. Have been taking for 3-4 weeks and I seriously think it has made a huge difference in frequency and severity of my cluster migraines and ocular migraines (yes, I got the double-whammy!).
    It stopped my last cycle of clusters. Amazing! I’m surprised I hadn’t heard much on this before! No side effects to speak of. Better than the prescribed poisons I had tried! Good luck to you!

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    • By LaLa02

      Hey Mountain Meg,
      Thank u for putting your suggestions. I, too, have been doing some research into CBD oil. I looked at the Bluebird Botanicals site and they have great reviews. I also like the fact it doesn’t have THC.
      I am curious to know…do you have any experience when it comes to employers and their view of CBD hemp oil?
      I have read it could possibly show up positive on preliminary drug tests for employment as positive for Marijuana. Some people have said they fight the results and ask for a second, more detailed drug test.
      What do you think about the Bluebird Botanicals CBD oil? Think it may test positive for Marijuana on a drug test?

      As for the herbal Kudzu…do u take it in vitamin form? Is there a particular website or brand you use?

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