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Prevention Medications

Cutting out gluten

  • By A K

    Last year I decided to cut out as much simple carbs as possible in an effort to lose weight. An unexpected side effect was that my monthly episodic migraines disappeared. I did an experiment and gradually brought back a few gluten-free carbs into my diet. I have had a handful of migraines in the past year, but they were triggered by other factors (certain red wines). But a handful is much better than every month. I would be curious to know if this would work on anyone else. Let me know if you try it. Giving up bread and pasta has been so worth it!

  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Hi AK,

    Since I’ve been (mostly!) gluten free my morning head pain seems to be a bit better….I still have daily head pain but it seems one layer is a tad better.

    Does that make any sense?

  • By Cami91

    Hi I have migraines and celiac disease which means I am basically intolerant/allergic to gluten. I have been on a gluten free diet for 7 years. Everyone’s triggers are different for migraine but even though gluten-free is very trendy right now there is not any evidence that it helps unless you have an intolerance (which is usually characterized by digestive symptoms) I find it more likely that you are sensitive to carbs in general rather than gluten itself. Anyways I hope you find a solution that works for you.

  • By kxn11

    Hi, I had daily migraines for more than a year, had previously had them maybe five days a month. I stopped eating gluten, and didn’t get as many headaches, cut out corn and corn products, corn starch etc…. and headaches became even less frequent. After doing much reading about this, it is thought that celiac is only one manifestation of gluten sensitivity. It can also affect you neurologically. My headaches aren’t gone, but much less. I think that having the daily headaches made my brain more sensitive, and I will unfortunately, never be headache free.
    Hope this helps.

  • By mygrainetoo

    Hello everyone!

    I cut out all yeast/ yeast derivatives & malted barley (and of course aspertame) to stop my life-stopping migraines. Studies in the U.K. of people who thought gluten was causing migraines reveal they many were actually having migraines caused by yeast. Once you cut out gluten you do cut out a lot of yeast, but there are yeast extracts ins all kinds of other foods – most soups, gravies, pretzels, soda crackers, anything processed that has a meat flavor – it’s all over the manufactured food market.

    As always, anyone who experiences migraines is advised to keep a food diary – actually a diary of anything you ingest – to include all vitamins, drugs, drinks & supplements.

    BTW I have absolutely no problem with corn bread, biscuits or tortillas so instead of sandwiches I have a lot of what look like ‘wraps’, but I use tortillas & not flat breads.

    Good luck to everyone in winning this life-altering battle against migraines!

    Soldier on!

  • By Lynn Voedisch

    I’ve been off gluten for a month now and noticed a big improvement in my IBS! But nothing with migraines. I’ve never had any luck cutting out certain foods, but I might give yeast a try. In my case generally it’s only good additives like MSG or aspartame that I need to stay away from.fht

  • By Lynn Voedisch

    That’s good additives, not good additives!