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Elimination Diet

  • By xtinalorraine

    I’m about to embark on the elimination diet. Does anyone have any recipes that are fairly easy to do, and with ingredients that don’t require going to a food specialty store?

    It’s been super overwhelming, but with migraines, and & GERD…. I have to do something.

    Also, for anyone who takes a medication that has caffeine- does taking this while on the elimination diet affect it any? I haven’t found any answers quite yet..

    How long should one go on this diet? I’ve heard everything from two weeks to 9 months! I’m willing to do what it takes, but an idea of how far I need to go will help.

    Any advice or motivation/inspiration you can give would be super appreciated.

    Thank You!

  • By Anne

    There’s a book called The Migraine Diet that has recipes in it. When I try eliminating foods, I did the JJ Virgin Miracle diet for 21 days – no sugar/artificial sweeteners, no eggs, no dairy, no corn, no soy, no gluten and no peanuts. Those are supposed to be foods that cause the most inflammation. I had cut dairy out years ago, but found that gluten was not great for me and either were eggs. And, I already knew that alcohol was a huge trigger, so had stopped that a while back.

    Hope you find that no foods trigger your migraines 🙂