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Diagnosis of Migraine & Headache Types

experiencing a strange type of Headaches

  • By Faissal

    Hello everyone,
    i’m Faissal From Morocco; 30 years old.
    i’m sure the first thing everyone will tell me to do after reading this is to go seek urgent medical help; well, i have and i have spent almost all the money i had, but still no results; all the medications i took were as if i used to take candy and sweet pills with absolutely no effect on me.

    this all started one night in 2014 when i came late from work (about 23h00) and went straight to my bed to sleep; then a few moments after i was just falling in deep sleep, i felt like something hit me right on my face like a slap of a large hand thus my face got pushed backwards and fell off my pillow, i screamed and stood up immediately then i started hallucinating; (seeing different objects all around me that didn’t exist in my bedroom; i was sure i was in my bedroom, and that those objects were not; (a pair of shoes; my desk at work, my computer’s mouse, lightnings of different colors running on every wall of the room, a book… all those things were from my memory, things i saw before somewhere and i still remember them, except for the lightnings); all i wanted in that moment was to just REMEMBER where the light switch was so that i could turn the bedroom’s light on, i got scared when i realized that i couldn’t remember where it was, the only way i could do it was to walk till a wall stops me then keep searching with my hands until i found it, and i kept seeing those different objects even with the lights on..
    anyways, that was the first time i ever experienced something like that; then a few days after that night; things started to develop and change; ever since the year of 2014, i always experience similar “strokes” at least once a month for a few moments;

    i’ll try to describe the details as possible a i can:

    it starts with a painful migraine (left side of my head); then followed with a foggy vision on my right eye with hallucinations again, of objects i’d seen a few days earlier and still remember (i could see a car for example that i’d seen 3 days ago parking near my house) and i see it as if it’s there in front of me again, and it follows my eye even when i turn my head to the right or left. this was in the first few months.

    now thing are a bit different;
    whenever i experience a stroke like that; i keep seeing things from my memory again, but i can’t remember where i saw them before, AND i lose 90% of my few past days memory; (places i visited, people i saw, thing i did) i completely forget them, i sometimes meet someone and they tell me they saw me two days ago but i never remember i saw them before. because i saw them two days before the stroke and then forget everything that happened for a few days before it.

    during the past few months, things have developed even worse; i now have a very weak memory, weak that i can’t remember what i did yesterday or where i was, or it takes me too long to remember such normal things. is this Alzheimer??

    i remember when i had the strongest memory ever, i could remember everybodie’s phone number without saving them to my phonebook, and remember all my softwares serial codes even those very long ones.
    now i find it difficult to remember where i saw someone before and they keep trying to remind me for several moments before i say: ohh yes i remember now.

    in addition to the blurred (foggy) vision; whenever i get a stroke with a terrible migraine, i lose the ability to read, even when i could see every letter and word clearly, but i feel like an illiterate looking at a text and don’t know what that is. and i takes me a few moments (5 to 10 minutes) to start being able to read again.

    what’s wrong with my brain??!!

    all the brain scans and test results say that my brain is OK and nothing is wrong, no tumor, no bleeding.. nothing is wrong.. then what is this?? i need to know, at least know what’s is wrong with me then start looking for the right medication to take.

    thank you all

  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Hi Faissal,

    Thank you for sharing your story with us – we’re glad you’re here!

    Good to hear your scans are normal, that must be a relief. Have you discusses these new symptoms with your doctor? If not, that would be the first thing I’d do so he/she can rule out anything more serious.

    I wish I could tell you exactly what’s going on, but only a qualified doctor can do that after he gives you a complete exam, goes over your symptoms and discusses your medical history with you. If your current doctor is not listening to you, keep looking until you find one who will work with you to find the answers.

    Please let us know how you are doing,