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Prevention Medications


  • By Melissa

    I am wondering if anyone else has gone this route or similar. I currently take Depakote which has quit working. I am not a candidate for antidepressants, calcium channel blockers, or beta blockers. I read about a couple headache specialists using this for its muscle relaxant and seizure preventive properties. As well, I definitely have a high anxiety component with migraines. I have a very good headache specialist, but she is pushing Botox which I will have to pay for up front and I would like to exhaust all other options before resorting to that. I have tried the whole run of anticobvulsants, muscle relaxers, natural treatments – you name it.

    Triggers include menses, extreme temp changes, and stress. Abortive: Migranal and Tylenol 2 as a backup.

    I am aware that Klonopin is a benzodiazepine and know all the associated stigmas. If anyone has tried this, I would like to hear any experiences.

  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Hi Melissa,

    Clonazepam, brand name Klonopin, has been used ‘off label’ for migraine prevention which means it’s not intended for migraine prevention but appears to work for some people. I’ve not tried this, nor do I personally know anyone who has.

    I can tell you there are over 100 medications that can be used to treat migraine and a few years ago, the American Academy of Neurology and the American Headache Society came out with migraine prevention guidelines you may be interested in reading about;

    Tylenol 2 won’t stop the migraine process, just help mask the pain. Abortive medications in addition to Migranal include triptans and ergotamines. Here is information on abortives; It’s also imperative to take triptans correctly and you can read more about that here;


  • By 1bi480g

    Hi, I am on Botox, preventative = Trokendi XR which I would say is “all right” but since there are so many preventatives out there I keep talking to my nero about trying another but he really doesn’t think there are any better “according to research” than topiramate and propanolol. I really don’t have an abortive since triptans I’ve tried (Maxalt, Sumitriptan injection, eletriptan) don’t have much effect if any, and so all I have is ibuprofin, acetomenaphen, or fioricet which I don’t like to take too often and also doesn’t seem to work too well. Maybe I have too high expectations of what medications should do but I figure since there are so many medications and I get so many migraines (2-5 per week) what can it hurt to let me try another?! Anyway today after having 2 appointments in 10 days including Botox my neuro finally allowed me to try Cambia (he said I should take it WITH eletriptan, alone is not as intended?), allowed me to wean off Trokendi but with no plan for an alternative, so I think he is kind of “calling my bluff” and wants me to see how bad I feel without it and come crying back on Trokendi, and then he prescribed Klonopin – I think he thinks I have anxiety issues. I guess I need to find a new doctor but I’ve seen 4 neurologists in this area already including one on the headache specialist database. I guess I have to keep looking.

  • By Melissa

    I think I would be pretty upset with this doctor; however, I have run into this before. It is all well and good to considervresearch, but patients are like snowflakes not paper dolls.

    If you want something different, you are going to have to present a case. The Robbins Headache Clinic website has some great information on difficult-to-treat headaches. Also, it is completely okay to ask specifics about this “research” your doc is referring to. I questioned this once, investigated the study which, of course, was funded by the same drug company that was paying the doctor. After pointing this out, she was much more open minded when I wanted to try something new.

    If your doc will not listen to you after you present a well-reasoned argument, then you may have no choice but to move on. Keeping up with theories and non-drug-oriented research on headache disorders in general greatly helps. You are the patient but also the customer. Bring your ideas and make them explain specifically why not. RxList and can give detailed lists of contraindications so you can rule out that excuse ahead of time.

    I had huge issues with topiramate and many other drugs. I made my goals very clear and the limits of side effects I can handle (for example cognitive problems are not acceptable but a treatable side effect like nausea or sedation is). If I point out why i want to try this or that, I usually get my way unless there is a major contraindication. Sometimes, you need to be a bit stubborn and persistent.

  • By Ouchie

    I was put on klonopin for help with staying asleep.. I am currently on .5mg dosage which seems to be just enough to help me get some rest but not feel groggy in the morning.. I had 2 rounds of Botox injections which were inclusive as to the results.. Since I was taking the klonopin before my migraines started, I can’t help much there.

    One of my neurologist last ditch efforts seems to help some.. My blood pressure has always been good but he wanted to try verapamil ER 120mg once a day.. It has helped “some”.. Maybe this is something that will give you a few more days of peace each month too.. Worth asking the doc about if you haven’t already.

  • By tmason68

    I’ve taken Klonopin apart from the magnesium and Botox injections and it does seem to help. I take it every night before bed in an effort to avoid the 3 AM migraine and it’s been largely successful. I haven’t taken it during the day in a while and when I did, I was taking it with other drugs but I would certainly say that it’s worth a try.

  • By Fibromigraineur

    I have tried almost everything for my migraines (Topomax, Gabapentin, Robaxin, magnesium, CoQ10, trigger point injections, massage, heat, like Thermacare wraps or cold, like an ice pack or menthol sprays, etc. I have several triggers, but mostly things that trigger my Fibromyalgia. If I do much with arms, like folding clothes or doing dishes, it triggers Fibro pain in my back, shoulders, neck and head, I then start to develop a migraine and spend all day trying to stop it before having to take meclizine and then Relpax, which I can only use twice a week without rebound headaches. I also have RLS and TMJ disorder so shake internally and grind my teeth all night.

    So, I was desperate and started to research Klonopin. I read that it had helped some people with RLS, Fibro, TMJ and Migraines and I had plenty of anxiety with all of my chronic pain. I gave it a try and OMG. It works on me just like the Relpax. It calms the nerves and since I started it, I have only had to take 3 Relpax in over a month – and those were during my period (yet another trigger – also sulfites in wine and beer, sitting or standing wrong, wearing the wrong shoes – I’m a mess – lol) and Thanksgiving when I was overdoing it and it was stressful. I can just take .25 in the morning and afternoon and .5 at night to fight all those nighttime issues.. I know it has a stigma, but it has worked a miracle that nothing else could do! I go to Mayo and my neuro said Botox would’nt do me any good since I was fighting off migraines so many days a month and he then prescribed some $400 contraption that isn’t even approved in the US. Um, no. All I can say is, I have my life back!! It may not work for everyone and I may not be able to take it forever, but right now, I can live again!!