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Natural Remedies


  • By Tara

    Has anyone tried kratom? My sister is raving about it, but it is not legal in the US at the moment.

  • By Meaghan Coneys Moderator

    Hi Tara,

    Thanks for your post. The following article covers natural remedies – Perhaps you can find something helpful and more information there! I do hope community members respond with their insight, however also feel free to post your question on our Facebook page to generate more responses – Again, thanks for your post. Wishing you all the best today!


    Meaghan ( Team)

  • By Jojiieme

    I did a refseek search, because I hadn’t heard of this alternative. It lead me to a few references, several of which contain this quote:
    The United States Drug Enforcement Administration state “There is no legitimate medical use for kratom”.[13] Kratom has become popular as a recreational drug and has been promoted with claims that it can improve mood, relieve pain and help with opiate addiction.[9]
    (That one’s from the Wikipedia article)
    There’s a lot of concern because of the opioids/opioid-like substances within the plant, and how people are misusing it, and not weaning off properly. Also, I think, the grade of the products they purchase.
    Personally (because I’m sensitive to a lot of medication) I’d avoid it.

  • By Katie M. Golden Moderator

    Hi Everyone,
    I hope that you all have seen my piece on research I found on kratom. And if you see hyperlinks in the article, it will take you to the source I got that info from.

    And the DEA delayed it’s ban on kratom to allow for public comment. will be publishing two patient perspectives soon. Please do research for yourself to decide whether or not it’s something you want to pursue.

  • By Katie M. Golden Moderator

    I wanted to share a response I received to the article “What is Kratom?” This community member has a lot of knowledge on the topic and thought it would be good to share it here as well. As always do your own research before deciding what is right for you:

    Ms. Golden,

    Thank you so very much for shining a most necessary light on this God-send of a leaf! Kratom has, literally, saved (in every sense of the word) sooo many lives, including my own; and the entire Kratom Community has now been afflicted with the most ridiculous amount of fear.

    Fear from the DEA. Fear from being considered a drug-abuser, a person only looking for a “high”; and most importantly, the fear of being labeled a FELON. Although all of these fears are of the highest of importance and empathy, the fear of the unknown, “What do I do now?” may be the largest for the vast majority.

    Without it, EVERY American citizen WILL be affected, indirectly or directly. Hundreds of thousands will resort back to more accessible (and FAR more dangerous) illegal and/or legal drugs. Hundreds of thousands will proceed to overdose and potentially die. Hundreds of thousands will be likely to commit suicide, sometime in their future.

    Life 101: People in pain are desperate. Desperate people do desperate things. When their lifeline is cut, someone must be held accountable for that.

    The DEA should be REJOICING in learning of an all-natural tree leaf, that is MOST CERTAINLY helping with our current Heroin/Opiate Epidemic.

    A leaf that has been proven to help immensely with:

    – Chronic/Acute pain
    – Depression/Anxiety
    – PTSD
    – Heroin/Opioid Withdrawal
    – Fibromyalgia
    – Lupus
    – Lyme Disease
    – Diabetes
    – Diarrhea
    – Arthritis
    – Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)
    – Chronic Fatigue
    – Immune System Booster (Immunostimulant)
    – Heart Health (atherosclerosis, heart attacks, strokes)
    – Blood Pressure
    – Anti-Bacterial
    – Anti-Viral
    – Anti-Malarial
    – Anti-Cancer/Leukemic

    As far as “drawbacks”, here is what I have experienced/learned from my own (7+ years of usage) & compiling over 100 research studies:

    – Nausea


    – Vomiting (generally, when one consumes too large of a dose)

    Below are a few website links for anyone reading this, who may not know much about this leaf/saving grace:


    Thank you again, Ms. Golden, and we all hope you are capable in feeling the most genuine and sincere communal HUGS from ALL of us!!!

    Above all, thank you for writing and publishing the Truth.

    (It seems to be quite the rare commodity these days)

    Warmest of Regards,


  • By RachelRoo

    I have tried kratom and it has now become a regular part of my migraine control. Like you my migraines are chronic. I take several preventatives and have tried others over the years, and my primary abortive is Zomig. I was very interested in this plant after hearing that it was part of some migraine patients’ repertoire and then reading more about it (it is stated that it helps with anxiety as well which I suffer from, so my interest was piqued even further)

    After much experimentation I have found the strains and dosages that work for me. When I say ‘much experimentation’ however I mean just that, it took some work and on the way I had some very negative experiences. Once, when taking a higher dose of capsules (I too find them less effective than the powder though the powder is so gross tasting sometimes I go that route), I gave myself incredible nausea. I was hot and sweating and vomiting for several hours, convinced I had the stomach flu until my husband inquired how many capsules I’d taken in the last 24 hours and we realized that was the problem.

    Another time I tried a different strain of powder than usual and it worked fantastically well on the pain but was incredibly stimulating, I ended up with insomnia so intense that I was awake for 40 hours straight. It was horrible! As kratom is a plant, not a pill, it can vary quite a bit strain by strain, brand by brand. There was a lot to learn.

    Those rough stories aside however, I am incredibly grateful that I was introduced to kratom and have been able to add it in to my repertoire for migraine relief. Now that I’ve learned more about how it effects my body and can take the right type and amount for the positive effects I want (and avoid the negative ones I don’t) it has become a powerful tool in the tool kit. I’d recommend other migraineurs interested to give it a try, so long as they understand it will take a bit to figure out and there may be some unpleasant results along the way.

    Good luck!