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Living with Migraine

Life falling apart

  • By Tamara

    What helps everyone when life is falling apart …. because of a very bad migraine I killed my pet degus (related to chinchillas). I didn’t play with them for 2 days or check on them because I gave extra food on Sunday is preparation of the migraine that was coming, it was cold in there room so I put a heater on that has a safety shut off when it gets too hot. But for some reason it didn’t and my babies overheated and died. A horrible death and because of me.

    Migraines have taken my job, house, horseback riding (childhood dream), volunteering, ability to foster dogs, independence and everything else that was important to me. Even my most important med – imitrex nasal spray and injectable is bad ordered with no end in site.

    Lmost 3 years in pain and rarely under a 6/10. Tried so much and nothing is working (12 preventatives, Botox, cannabis, vagus nerve stimulator and every holistic treatment out there). Why keep fighting, life sucks.

    Really need tips that help you through the rough patches …. I only have one more free psychologist appointment but it’s not until November (yes I have emailed her and asked if we can move it up but she may be full and unable too.

  • By GardensatNight

    Tamara, I am so sorry about your degus. Fellow rodent person here. Hugs to you in the wake of this horrible accident, and I wish there were something I could say that would make it better. I’m so sorry.

    Have you tried infusions? I, too, get to points with my intractable migraine where NOTHING stops them (triptans no longer work on me, although botox helps), and if I get several infusions of Depacon and Magnesium (sometimes DHE/Zofran if I need it) in a row, that eventually calms my brain somewhat. If you’ve never tried that, you might ask your neurologist about it. You can get all sorts of stuff in an infusion depending on your specific case. Also, in just a year they have the CGRP drugs coming that look very promising! So there is hope!

    I am so sorry you have had to give up so much. I really could have written parts of that paragraph. My life now looks nothing like the life I had four years ago. I can only offer my sympathy and tell you that I survive this by finding new things to love. I’ve learned to knit, gotten a quieter sewing machine, gotten books on tape through NLS for when I can’t use my eyes, started writing, learned to cook from scratch to conform with the migraine diet which entertains me and makes me feel better. On the really bad days, I survive with my books on tape and a major ice pack. Are there new things you can still do even though you can’t do some of the other things at the moment?

    If you’ve never tried the migraine diet (like hard core going off premade prepackaged foods because so many contain MSG or soy or creepy ingredients) it might be worth a try even if it’s just for a few weeks to see if it helps you. We’ve been on it for 3.5 years now and I accidentally eat something bad, I’ll get a headache/migraine for DAYS. It takes that long for the evil food trigger to clear my system. So if you always feel like crud, to me, it might be worth it to see how sensitive you might be to food. Kerrie Smyres has that great spreadsheet that has like every food trigger in the universe.

    And not to be a stalker but I checked your profile just looking to see if it was your first post, and saw you asked about sunglasses. Axon Optics makes some that completely block out the sides (they have foam that touches your face) so all you see is out the front. Back when I could still go out in the sun, they were what I used. They come in polarized, which is what cancels out glare.