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50 Years & Older Living With Migraine

Migraine in men over 50

  • By Siegfried


    I am a 49 yrs old man from Belgium and I am suffering from serious migraine attacks since my childhood.

    Unfortunately since 2012 I also suffer from cluster headaches. Previous year however, my migraine attacks magically disappeared and not got a real migraine attack ever since. However the shadows caused by CH can feel very migrainous but without the nausea and photophobia.

    Now I am thinking that I maybe have outgrown my migraine attacks or they have been “pushed away” by the cluster headaches. I have asked my GP recently and he told me that I do not put high hopes on it that my migraines are definitely gone. He told me they most likely gone into a temporary remission and will come back later.

    I know its rather usual for women to grow out of them during or after menopause (my mother got rid of them this way) but is there anything known if men get rid of them as well around that age ? Or do they stay longer with migraine… maybe lifelong ?

    As I know that my cluster headaches are here to stay and likely won’t go away anytime soon I am not really waiting for those migraines to come back. So if anybody has any information about this, I would be very glad to hear that and it is also a way for me to prepare myself for if they eventually come back.

    Thanks a lot and Best Regards !


  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Hi siefried,

    Welcome to the discussion forum! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Many of us have more than one type of headache disorder; migraine attack and cluster attacks for example. Migraine is a genetic neurological disease with flare ups or attacks. You may want to think of it like asthma – it’s always there, sometimes with frequent attacks and other times fewer attacks. Migraine disease

    Migraine attack patterns and symptoms can change over time and even go into remission so to speak. I wish I could tell you exactly when migraine attacks and/or cluster attacks will stop, but at this point, no one knows the answer to this!

    Keep us posted on how you are doing,