Miles For Migraine Event in Philadelphia Oct 11

  • By shirleykessel

    We are having our second race/event in Phila to help raise funds/awareness for Migraine Research! If you are interested, please reply here. We need volunteers to spread the word, and participate in the race. We are holding the race at

    Valley Green Forbidden Drive, Northwestern Ave Entrance, Philadelphia, PA 19118
    7:30 am Sat Oct 11. 2014

    5 miles or 1.5 mile walk

    Fee is $30
    Kids under 18: $15

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  • By Natasha

    Unfortunately I was not aware of this site and did not know that something like this, migraine awareness walk existed. Will there be another awareness walk in Philadelphia next year?

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  • By Katie M. Golden Moderator

    You can get information on upcoming Miles for Migraine races either on their Facebook page or at:

    It started in San Francisco and expanded to Philly in 2014. Hopefully there will be another next year!

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  • By Kim Leonoudakis

    Hi Shirley,
    I’m the new accountant for Miles for Migraine. I’m working with Eileen. I read about your daughter before meeting Eileen. I think a newspaper did a story on her. I’m excited to be feeling better and helping out. We don’t have the San Francisco date set yet – soon. Here is my story…

    I hope to meet you at some point. Unfortunately, I won’t be at your race because I have a friend getting married that day. I have two other fundraising links. Bravelets donates $10 from each purchase to Miles for Migraine and I donate 50% of the proceeds from my migraine awareness jewelry on etsy to Miles for Migraine. I don’t have much on etsy right now because of the holidays. Here are the links. Kim

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    • By shirleykessel

      Hi Kim, that is so exciting about your jewelry. I would like to be able to give out flyers and doctors offices. Do you have some that you can mail me? Once we start to promote the race in mid-March then I could possibly put out the flyers that. Something small would be best like a postcard size if possible.

      Looking forward to reading your story when I have more time

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