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Diagnosis of Migraine & Headache Types

Please Help… Migraine hangover lasting weeks

  • By dave2017

    some background to start…

    I’m a 40 year old male, had about 2 or 3 migraine attacks in my life each of which only lasted a few hours.

    Just over three weeks ago I had the following attack…

    I was very stressed at work (office job, sitting behind a computer screen)… went for lunch and as I drove back to the office the sun was glaring in the windshield of my car I believe this was the trigger.

    So as I sat back at my desk my vision started to get very blurry and when I turned to talk my work colleague I could only focus correctly on half his face. Then I left the office to attend my doctors… vision was blurry all this time and when I arrived at the doctors surgery I couldn’t remember my doctors name.

    I was quite confused not knowing the exact location I was at something I should have know…. I was confused about other minor details too. I attended the ER and after some blood test they informed me it was a complex migraine attack and they would plan a CT scan for a few weeks later.

    This was 22 days ago now and ever since I’m suffering from ‘brain fog’ not sure how best to explain it but I’m not 100% alert, it’s like I have a hangover all the time. There’s very brief periods where it clear 2-3 hrs over a 4 day period. I wake up each morning hoping it has cleared but when I get up I still feel the same. I shower two times a day hoping to clear it but nothing works.

    Has anyone ever had after effects of a migraine that lasted for weeks? I’ve been googling but I have not found any such cases.

    My CT scan is in 4 days time so my doctor is telling me to wait….. but he is not giving me any info or reassurance this is a normal period of time to feel like this.

    Sorry about such a long post but I’m quite worried id never feel the same again… so id be most grateful if anyone has experienced something similar and can share their story?

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post.



  • By catwks

    HI Dave, I just started treatment for migraines so I m fairly new but yes I have experienced migraine symptoms for weeks in fact I have had migraines everyday for 3 months pretty much non stop. Some days I am functioning better then others. I also work long hours. I would suggest keeping a journal and trying to figure out patterns and triggers. I am applying for intermittent FMLA at my job because sometimes I have to leave early , your employer might offer something similar so you don’t have to try to suffer through work.. Its really scary and sometimes you feel like you are crazy but your not. I think it just takes finding the right medication and figuring out triggers etc. I am also going to try a holistic doctor to see if diet can help as well. Everyone is different in symptoms etc but i find getting plenty of sleep helps.

  • By GardensatNight

    I’m sorry. I haven’t had brain fog last this long. Did they not have you take any migraine meds to see if that would clear it because they thought it might be a stroke?

  • By dave2017

    Many thanks for the replies…. they really do help.

    So I had CT brain scan yesterday will be two days before i get the results. Over the last two days I’ve found that the brain fog feeling clears for a few hrs in the evening until the next morning, however once i get up the same feeling returns… so hopefully its starting to clear. Its 4 weeks tomorrow since I had the initial attack.

    I’m going to ask my doctor now to refer me to a migraine clinic, hopefully theres some meds i can take to clear this feeling.

    Thanks again for your help and ill post back once i have more news.

  • By GardensatNight

    Dave, (sorry if these seem like dumb questions… trying to think outside the box)… could it be something you’re eating? Have you looked up some of the migraine diet links to see if you could be re-triggering yourself over and over again?

    You also mentioned in your original post that you thought the attack started in bright glare, and was exacerbated by use of a computer screen. You then said you get better in the evenings. Could you be becoming light sensitive (more light sensitive) and not realize it? I know at first when my light sensitivity was progressing, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. It wasn’t until I coincidentally looked away from a screen and the headache diminished that I realized my computer was hurting me. It wasn’t until I randomly had all the lights off in the house one day making pancakes while home sick and my horrible head pain cleared for the first time in weeks that I realized (terrifyingly) how sick light made me. Have you tried switching off the lights and using natural light for a day? Have you tried turning off screens for a day as an experiment? (Btw, they make screens that don’t emit light or flicker…. I currently use one.)

  • By paul50

    I’m starting on topiramate tomorrow, has anyone had any experience on that ??

    • By AlisWifeAmanda

      I tried it but it gave me an outer body experience and paralysis when in bed so stopped taking it

  • By dave2017

    Many thanks for the replies…

    Just to reply on a few points….

    * could it be something you’re eating?
    I havent had any change in my diet recently, however I’ve now started to avoid food which ive read could be a trigger…. cheese, dairy, red wine, coffee, choclate etc.

    * Could you be becoming light sensitive?
    I’ve been thinking this too as direct sunlight was the initial trigger. I’ve been working from home the last few days in a room with black out blinds etc…. i returned to the office yesterday and by lunch time I didnt feel well at all…. the brian fog feeling was very strong and i felt dizzy as i walked around.

    My bedroom has complete black out blinds as i wake each morning I feel ok as i lie in bed but as soon as i get up and move to other much brighter rooms the brain fog feeling starts again and lasts the day. So its either the motion or the light that triggers the brain fog again.

    I’m returning to my doctor tomorrow for my CT scan results and asking to be referred to a neurologist.

    I have a 5 week holiday planned to the Indian ocean in 4 weeks time so im hoping i can get this under control before then.

  • By GardensatNight

    Dave, do you notice any difference in symptoms when you are lying flat (one pillow only) versus when you are vertical? Like if you are foggy/achy, and you lie down flat for a bit, do the symptoms improve? Do they get worse when you stand?

    Paul, I am on topimirate, as are many people with migraine. It’s hard to say if it helps me because they threw a bunch of stuff at me at the same time in an effort to bring the migraines under control. But there are studies that say it works for many people.

  • By dave2017

    Hi GardensatNight,

    Thanks for your reply. I always sleep on one very flat pillow. I have noticed that when I wake up i feel ok and if i lie in bed for say 20 mins without sitting up i still feel ok, but once i actually get out of bed the Brain fog has returned again. So seems its when i stand up and start to move around it get worse.

    Not sure what this means to be honest…. I’m losing my mind here as everything with the medical system seems to be such a struggle my CT scan results have gone to the wrong doctor… i.e. the doctor in ER and not my local GP…. spent all day yesterday trying to get the results sent to the correct Dr. only to discover his secretary was gone home early so i have to wait till Monday.

    My GP wont refer me to a neurologist without the CT scan results.

  • By GardensatNight

    Dave, there’s something you could read up on called “postural headaches” which is where your head feels okay/better when you’re flat and then as soon as you’re vertical, you start getting a headache. I would mention that to your doctor. You might also see if any of the symptoms you’re having sound familiar.

    One test that you haven’t mentioned is a lumbar puncture, which is to test your CSF pressure. Have they done one of those? It’s not a super common problem, but if your doctors are stumped and nothing else is working, you might mention it and see what your doctor thinks, especially if you try lying down periodically and the symptoms go away..

  • By dave2017

    just popping back here to report back….

    So I got my CT scan results and all was clear and all my blood test came back ok.
    So its 5 weeks tomorrow since the first migraine attack and there is no sign of this brain fog feeling lifting, I have no headaches just this detached feeling every hr I’m awake. its starting to get me very down now….I broke down a few times already as I can get my head clear.

    I’m showering a few times a day, staying in dark room, eating healthy non processed foods. I find I need alot of sleep now after 8 hrs good sleep by 1pm the next day I’m exhausted so I nap for an hr and again around 6pm. This is not like me.

    I’ve tried getting out getting fresh air. I went to work a few days ago and had to come home at midday as i felt weak and had heavy brain fog.
    so to make matters worse my GP (local Dr.) has told me there is nothing more she can do for me… she has referred me to a neurologist but I’ve been told it will take 6 months before I get an appointment…. this is going private paying out of my own pocked… public it would take 2 years….. health system here in Ireland is completely broken.
    I’ve been put on just pain killers and aspirin which ive given up as they didn’t do anything for me.
    Honestly I dont know if i can put with this for 6 months without seeing a specialist.

  • By GardensatNight

    I’m not sure about that supplement specifically. I do take magnesium. I’m not sure if/how much the supplements I take actually help, but I take them because the doctor says to.

    How much water are you drinking? Does anything change when you drink LOTS of water?

    Is it possible you were in any kind of accident or had some type of injury (not necessarily to your head) in the weeks/months before this happened? Did you hit your head? Were you in a car accident? Were you whiplashed? Could you have hurt your back picking up something heavy? Twisted around weird?

    For me, figuring out what was going on (and I’m SO sorry this is happening to you, I know you must be so miserable at the thought of 6 months without a neurologist appt) boiled down to putting together clues of when did symptoms improve slightly, and what was I doing/not doing then. Are there ever times when you feel better than other times? What were you doing BEFORE that?

  • By dave2017

    Hi GardenSatNight,

    Thank you so much for your reply as it really got me thinking and as a result I have had a break through…

    So to answer you questions I’ve had no accidents or injuries in the past that could relate to how I’m feeling now…. however thinking back to that day (5 weeks ago now) when this all started … the glaring sun shinning in my car windshield was the initial trigger for the migraine and everything went downhill from there.

    A few days after this migraine attack I attended my local optometrists and got new standard glasses & polarised sunglasses. There was little change in the strength of the prescription and my optometrists said it was unlikely this was the cause of my migraine.

    Anyways this got me thinking if i could be light sensitive…. so i started wearing my prescription polarised sunglasses constantly both indoors and outdoors for the last 24 Hrs, watching TV and guess what…… the brain fog feeling has lifted completely.

    Even when i woke this morning in bed (my room is very dark with black out curtains) i put them on before getting up and my head has been 100% clear all day. Always when I get up and got down to the kitchen (which is very bright ) the brain fog feeling would return in mins.

    Now i still got very tired around 3pm like I do every day over the past 5 weeks….. but honestly I feel like ive wont the lotto now…. hope I dont jinks it now.

    I know im going to look crazy wearing them in the rain & indoors but I honestly dont care .

    Ill report back in a few days with how im doing.

  • By GardensatNight

    That’s great that you think you may have found what could be the trigger!

    I am very light sensitive. You are probably not as bad off as me, but I will offer some various solutions/ideas and you can take from them what you will.

    The common advice is not to wear polarized sunglasses indoors because it can increase light sensitivity. I always want to throw something at the wall when people say things like this because it’s not like any of the things all my eye doctors have suggested have actually made me improve, but I get what they’re saying too. They make a special type of glasses called FL-41 lenses designed especially for people with migraine brains and light sensitivity. You can wear the indoor version indoors. They don’t work for everyone. They don’t work for me. You might still have to use the polarized to watch TV. I would try to soften the glare level and even out the light levels in your house overall to avoid having to wear sunglasses indoors (I just avoid certain rooms at certain times of day as the sun moves around the house.)

    I would check the light bulbs in your house. The least irritating kind of light bulb for light-sensitive people is an incandescent bulb. The softer the better. If you’ve got LED or fluorescents or halogens in there now (which lots of people do), you’re probably dousing your brain in constant flicker and light it doesn’t like. Incandescents because they heat up, wind up absorbing most of the flicker so your brain doesn’t perceive it as much as the others.

    Natural light (not too bright, no glare) is what my brain prefers. We have layers of curtains on the windows. We only go blackout if I’m in full migraine attack mode. Otherwise we use sheers and semi-sheers to soften the light depending how sunny it is so we can use sunlight isntead of lightbulbs.

    TV/smart phones/computer screens are irritating to some migraine brains (especially highly light sensitive people) for two reasons–the light emitted and the fact that they flicker.

    Not sure what to do about a smart phone. I can’t use one.

    For the TV, according to my husband they make some TV’s designed for gaming that flicker at a faster rate (120, I believe) rather than whatever is the standard (I know when he tried to adjust a screen at 60 and 75 it felt like stabbing knives to me.) Also, some people find LED less irritating than fluorescent, and some TV’s you may be able to adjust the blue (down–blue is very irritating to light sensitive people.) But, others can just use the polarized glasses and be okay, so hopefully you can too.

    On to computer screens, because if phone and TV are bugging you, the computer probably will eventually, too. They make filters that can go over your screen. They make LED screens that rarely refresh (refresh rate gets you) and can have the blue turned off (mine is by ViewSonic–can’t use it any more), and there is this AWESOME screen I use made in China by Dasung called Paperlike that is an E-ink. It emits no light and doesn’t flicker at all. It’s like the early model Kindles, but the size of a sheet of paper. It is the reason I can still interact with the world.

  • By dave2017

    So quick update on this thread I started 3 months ago…..

    Its been 4 months now since this all started…. i.e. migraine attack and left with brain fog ever since.

    Im still suffering from extreme brain fog every min of the day for the last 4 months…. I’ve been to a migraine specialist clinic in London and was told im suffering from chronic migraine without a headache. I was put on amitriptyline 20mg daily…. After one month I had to come off it as I was getting a constant ringing in my ears. During my time on this drug I saw no improvement only that I seemed to sleep a lot more than normal.

    For the last few months I’ve been trying a few different things hoping to improve this brain fog feeling:

    • Eating healthy home cooked meal no processed foods.
    • Walking 4 miles a day
    • Taking 500mg of magnesium, Co Q10, riboflavin
    • I’ve tried acupuncture, Shirodhara head massages, craniosacral therapy

    This all started with the classic migraine symptoms as I’ve outlined in my original post, Aura, vision problems, tingling in right arm & tongue. However ive never had any of these symptons since, im stuck with this constant brain fog feeling 24/7.

    I have notice a major improvement in my energy levels since now im not as exhausted like I was in months 1 & 2.

    To be honest im starting to think its not migraine and maybe more a burnout as I was extremely stressed right up to the day of this attach…. Id actually go as far to say it’s the most stressed ive been in my life due to many major stressful/tragic events for months prior to this.

    Sorry for the long post but Im hoping to find someone with a similar experience, if so id be most grateful to hear your story.

  • By fisk

    Hi Dave,

    I’m not sure if you are still checking this forum post, but I was wondering if you have found out any more about your brain fog issue. I’ve been having a similar experience for 1 year and 4 days now, and was curious if you were able to narrow down the cause, or find a specialist who was able to shed any light on your condition (or hopefully not I guess if it’s light sensitivity…).


    • By dave2017

      Hi Fisk,

      Its almost an year since I first started having this brain fog feeling. I’ve seen a neurologist three times in 12 months.

      Initially they said it was a silent migraine attack, but ruled this out on the second visit. He requested I get B12 injections which raised my levels from 180 to 364.

      But I still have the same brain fog feeling every min im awake, I also having tingling in my tounge after waking from sleep, this normally only lasts a few mins, I still have no energy.

      I was sent for a sleep test which showed i snore now… something i never did before they recommended I try SomnoGuard a device which could improve my sleep quality as he now thinks my quality of sleep is very poor.

      So im going to try this now… ill report back with an update later.

      Some questions for you if thats ok:

      * when did you start feeling this brain fog feeling? were you stressed at the time? I know i was and blame this as the trigger.

      * what have you tried?


    • By ryanconnecticut

      Hi Dave — this is my first time posting on this site. Reading your story was like finding my long lost brother. I have been dealing with such a similar tribulation. I got an attack of vertigo, followed by six months of brain fog. It’s been one of the most miserable periods of my life. I’ve been to every type of doctor there is, and nobody can see past their own specialty. I’d really like to check in with you and see if you have found anything else helpful. In addition to what you have tried, I will point out that I think it’s really worth your doing some work on your eyes–specifically a neuro-ophthalmologist. Have them check you for convergence and divergence issues — it’s a symptom not a cause, but the treatment is physical therapy (literally like doing eye exercises) but it helped me. I’m finally coming around to think I have some sort of vestibular migraine disorder, but along the way I have been diagnosed with Miniere’s disease, vestibular neuritis, psychological disorders, cranial disorders, sleep disorders — and a lot of it feels like a bunch of hogwash. At any rate, I’d love to hear more from you as it sounds like we are going through similar things.
      All best,
      38 year old male, USA

  • By Sarah10

    ME ME ME!
    I’ve never been diagnosed with migraines and had a series of 6 over the course of 4 days – aura/occular. It was terrifying. This took place in mid June. It is now the end of July and I’m still living in a fog. I also have head pressure & ringing in my ears. Some days are worse than others. Today was really bad. I had some cognitive issues – forgetfulness, etc.
    When the attacks first happened, I was a complete idiot. I couldn’t comprehend text on screens for a full week. I was slowly able to articulate my ideas, and was extremely sensitive to light and sound.
    I’m still sensitive to light, but not as bad.
    Like you, I go to bed every night excited to not feel crappy for 8 hours. I wake up, feel pretty good, then get a sneaky tingle across my tongue, which starts the feeling crappy again.
    I also take showers to try to feel better!
    Interesting that you were discussing polarized lenses. I recently updated my rx with polarized sunglasses and I think they are making my dizzy fog worse.

    I have an appointment to see my general doc with the hopes she will refer me to a neurologist. Fingers crossed.

  • By jimmyh5

    I had a migraine for the first time in years 3 weeks ago, after playing my first game of football for years.
    Ever since my vision hasn’t been the same and I have numbness in my hands. Very frustrating. I drive a lot with work so it’s wearing me down.
    Drs tomorrow, not very hopefull it will be sorted any time soon.

    • By AusCurtis

      Hi All, I’m from Brisbane Australia. Ive had very similar symptoms to what Dave has described. Ive been looking all over the internet to find a reason as to why I’m feeling this way. In my finding I would recommend getting a (STI) sexual heath check. The herpes virus can cause a lot of these symptoms. I’m getting checked next week and will keep you all updated.

  • By shawng

    I know this is an old thread, but wanted to chime in and say you’re not alone. I’m 37 and have had migraines/various states of “brain fog” for the last 7 or 8 years. I feel like I’m drunk and tired all the time. I’m about 145lbs, 5’10”, male.

    Your story sounds VERY similar to my own. I’ve had CT scans, an MRI, multiple blood tests, physical therapy for vertigo, sleep study, etc… Doctors all say I’m healthy and send me home.

    In my early 30’s I started getting migraines once a month or so. Sometimes they would come with vision issues where everything looked like stars (same affect as staring at a bright light and looking away) that consumed my vision.

    About a year and half ago I cut caffeine and beer out of my diet on a whim and it actually made a pretty significant difference. I had tried cutting it in the past, but only for a week at a time. This time I went for longer and started noticing a positive difference after a month or so. Lack of sleep or several nights in a row of bad sleep are also a trigger for me.

    For the most part I feel like I’m back to normal, but I occasionally get a migraine and will feel the “brain fog” episodes for weeks at a time before it gradually gets better. I’m in one of those episodes right now from a migraine I had a few weeks ago after being symptom free for a 6 or 7 months streak. It can be very depressing during those times. The migraines are less frequent now, maybe a few times a year. The brain fog lasts for a few weeks and then I feel ok again.

    The only thing I can suggest that worked for me is to avoid common migraine triggers and try to get a good night of sleep of at least 7 or 8 hours. Stay active. Power through the bad episodes and try to stay positive. It sucks. I sympathize.

  • By ShawnElyce

    Hi all! I’m in the middle of a bad brain fog episode and wondering if anyone has found any answers? I’ve dealt with this before, but never for this long or bad and I’m barely functional.

    It seemed to start with a bad migraine over a month ago – although I have had several since then.

    I feel half drunk all the time and can’t focus. It’s so frustrating.

  • By mccormick82

    I know it’s an old post, but finally some folks with the EXACT thing I’m feeling – I literally felt I was going insane!

    My story is nearly identical to Dave’s-
    Had horrific headache/ migraine 5 weeks ago, only 3rd time in my life and all other symptoms after the attack are the same.

    Only difference is all 3 headaches (spread out over 13 years) happened at the moment of or right after an orgasm, very inconvenient when with your gf.

    This last one is the only time the fog, confusion, tingling, etc lasted for so long.
    CT/ MRI clean.
    Anyone find any cures for this?

    36 yr old male

    • By jimmyhendo

      Hi mccormick,
      I had the same. Was like a hangover from a bad migraine. Blurred vision, tingling in hands, fatigue and lack of concentration.

      I went to drs and got a blood test which they found my folate was very low. Still on folic acid tablets. Not sure if I have a vitamin b12 deficiency.
      Get yourself to drs for blood test.

    • By bcornelison92

      I wish I would of found this post earlier. I am a 26 year old female, and have been through hell trying to figure out what’s wrong with me. Earlier this year I got a migraine w/ aura. The head pain went away but I constantly felt drained, tunnel vision, and completely out of it. I had every test done that I could think of, all came back normal.(MRI, CT, stool sample, eye exam, neurologist, PCP) The brain fog lasted about 3 months and i was anxious 24/7, to the point where i would cry every night because I was so hopeless. At the time I had so much stress in my life (work) so i started meditating, listening to motivation speakers and trying ANYTHING to feel better. I can say that after the 3 months the feeling finally went away- after I stopped reading in to what what wrong with me (googling), and started positive self talk. (You’re not dying it’s all in your head) I was so fearful that something was wrong that I was driving myself crazy reading about all the “what ifs”. However, I just had another migraine about 3 days ago and I’m back to feeling the way I did. I know how serious stress is and it really can have physical effects on your body. I truly feel that the slightest bit of stress causes my migraines, which then causes the brain fog and feeling not myself. I am not as stressed as I was back then but I’m really trying to stay positive so that this goes away. This feeling is torture, but I’m happy I’m not alone. I felt so alone for a long time. Describing this to people makes me feel crazy.

  • By Real McKenzie

    Same here, still not sure that I have a migraine but the doctor thinks its migraine. I have some occasional headaches but mostly just disconnected and foggy. One of the triggers seems to be fragrances and cosmetics people use.

    It started 2 years ago with an unbearable headache lasting 18h and after that, I was just foggy. For 4 months without a pause. Then absolutely clear for 1.5 months and then foggy again with no headaches at all. Also, I don’t have an aura and very little nausea during a headache. So far seems that I have brain fog only during winter, summers are clear.

    I have very similar symptoms to Dave:
    * I’m almost clear by evenings
    * I sleep a lot (9-10h is usual)
    * I wake up clear and get foggy during 1h after waking
    * Very hard to concentrate
    * Cognitive functioning is disturbed
    * Runny nose out of blue and then absolutely clear again
    * Diarrhea
    * Lots of sneezing some days

    And of course no relief so far.

  • By Mike2019


    I’m glad I found this topic!
    8 days ago I had a strong migraine with aura, without headache, my very first one in my whole life.
    Very bright zig zag light shining in the middle of my field of view, lasted 30 min before disappearing trough the sides.
    After the episode, my brain felt very tired, but I didn’t make too much of it and thought I just needed rest.
    Since then, I feel my brain at full capacity when I wake up, which is strange to explain since I’m just waking up but there is this snappy thought feeling.
    And after I get up in a matter of minutes, I feel ripped off of that snappy feeling.
    Everything that requires brain processing is a challenge, even just adding numbers.
    I can pretend to be OK amongst people , but regular conversation is so exhausting, I feel like I’m speaking a foreign language in my mother tongue.
    I often feel disoriented, I have to actually “think” where I am or where I wanna go rather than “knowing it”.
    I have this constant feeling of a barrier between my brain and the world perception, as if it was floating in cotton and not directly linked to my perceptions.
    Apart from the nightly rest that makes it better, I hope it will go away slowly. I’m still waiting for medical results and an Mri…
    I truly had a panic attack, because seeing yourself loosing cognitive functions is so scary, it’s like dying a little in a way..
    Now I try to remain active and positive, but it’s hard.
    Courage to all of you guys!

    • By jimmyhendo

      Exactly the same mike, found it very hard to process information. Like struggling when reading to scan a newpaper column. Or reading a road sign. Felt like the lights were on but nobody was home! Ha
      Would you get numbness in hands and lips also.
      Have a look at symptoms of low folate and vitamin b12. I was prescribed folic acid. After 3 days I was back to normal. Dr was surprised I was functioning with day to day tasks.

    • By liamsmith04

      Hi I’m only 15 and I’m really worrying I think I might be dying but I hope It’s a migraine I started with my eyes going very blurry and after a while that went but then I just couldn’t think I would slur my words and forget people’s names then it would end of with my arm going dead this has only happened 3 times in 4 month but I’m really scared

    • By glassmind

      Please share your concerns with a trusted adult and seek medical attention. Whether or not your symptoms are migraine, if they are causing you distress, get help. Take care. Hugs

  • By Mike2019

    Hi Jimmy, thanks for your help!
    Nice to see this topic alive!
    The most prominent physical symptoms that remain apart from fatigue are mostly orbital pain below the eyes and light sensitivity.
    I just had an extensive blood test made, waiting for the results, I will check for folate deficiency with my doctor!
    Will post the follow up here.

  • By Mike2019

    Hi everyone,

    Here is my follow up to this post.
    I hope my path can help some people.
    Unfortunately the blood test didn’t reveal something, yet I tried to tick all the boxes.
    I’m taking vitanims and magnesium, but no results yet.
    One day the brain fog lifted significantly, but was back with a vengeance the next.
    This crushed my spirits, my mind broke down, I entered a deep enxiety state, because I can’t see an end to this.
    Still waiting for the MRI in 10 days, I’m hugely paranoid, I cannot see any good outcome but not knowing for this long is equally scary.
    I have cognitive functions impairment (memory loss, space & time orientation issues, difficulty to speak, to think)

    I wonder what is the severity of your symptoms guys, because mine are suspiciously potent for regular “brain fog”

    Thank you for reading, and I’ll keep you posted!

  • By Sarah10

    Hello again. Mike2019 – I’m sorry you’ve been dealing with this insanity for this long. I’ve been lucky to be fog free for about the past 4 months. My initial fog from my first migraine experience lasted for about 5 months. Some days were much worse than others, with symptoms coming and going. For instance, I thought I felt pretty “normal,” yet out of the blue, I couldn’t recall how to use my computer keyboard. I’m not sure what helped me – if it was simply time?

    Anyway -just wanted to tell you you’re not alone. And yes, it’s terrible.

  • By Mike2019

    Hi Sarah10!

    Thank you for your answer, i can only hope at some point it will disappear, it’s great to read support from fellow sufferers!

    I keep having good and bad times, usually when i feel the clearest is always in the evening, and not always related to fatigue.
    Fatigue makes things worse if the fog is there of course, but i’ve had an evening with minimal fog and still very intense fatigue, it’s odd to feel “regular fatigue ” impairement vs the fog impairement that can appear even when i’m well rested.
    The only good part about these fluctuating states is that i feel slow rather than declining , so still hopeful even though it has an immense impact on my life.

    In 2 days i’ll do some more tests and an MRI, we’ll see if that shed some more light on the issue.

    Thanks again for your support , glad to see you could shake it off!

    • By jimmyhendo

      Hi mike,

      did you get a blood test?

  • By Mike2019

    Hey Jimmyhendo, thanks for the follow up,

    Yes i did , i tried to have as many things covered as possible.
    They told me vitamins should be good because of other factors (blood cell counts apparently?) .

    Everything came back outstanding, only potential flag for something is that i had mononucleosis antibodies , from a long time ago.

    But i didn’t ask specifically for vitamins, maybe i should?
    What’s the dose of supplements that you took in order to get better ?

    • By jimmyhendo

      I had same symptoms and still do if I don’t take my folic acid. I’m still getting tested on why my body can’t store folate or vitamin b12. I took it for 3 days and all symptoms started to clear.

      I had one big migraine one night then the foggy feeling for weeks after. I must of had issues with folate for a while but migraine exposed it. Dr was surprised I could function with day to day tasks. I climb mobile phone towers for a living, so was extremely fatigued while climbing. Couldn’t concentrate, memory loss, vision perception was poor. Blurred vision. Low moods.

      Big relief when I was told it was low folate. Scary thinking it could be something more serious with brain.

      Waffling on here, just back home after a few beers with guys from work haha now got the beer goggles on! Ha

  • By Mike2019

    Hey Jimmy,

    Thanks for replying , i’ll have that checked , who knows, maybe it’s relevant for me as well, and yeah pretty scary stuff when it comes to the brain!

    Wish i can put all that behind at some point and enjoy a good beer!

  • By Mike2019

    Hi everyone, just popping up for an update :
    Got back the results from the MRI and EEG, everything is clear on that front, it’s a relief and at the same time I’m still nowhere in understanding how this works, I’m still experiencing this heavy fog, which gets better in the evening.
    It’s strange we are a few sharing that feature, has anyone ever got an explanation as to why it got better in the evening?
    Only light sensitivity?

  • By ShawnElyce

    I figured out that it was the topomax I was on. I ended up coming off of it, which was it’s own special hell. It took a couple of months, but I eventually started feeling better.

    The neurologist I was seeing wanted me to stay on the Topomax and add more medications – I’m glad I trusted my gut and didn’t listen.

    So for now, I’m not taking any preventatives, just abortives when I start having a migraine. And I’m looking for a new neurologist 😒

  • By alyshajh

    Hey Mike,

    I had all of the same symptoms as you, almost 100%! It turns out that I have vestibular neuritis, have you been checked for this? I have a lot of information on it and ways to recover from it if anyone is curious. It all started after a migraine (which I believe was caused from the nerve inflammation in my ear – vestibular neuritis). I still have extreme light sensitivity ever since my migraine, which I don’t understand. Do you feel dizzy at all Mike?

    I’ll go into a bit of detail about what happened to me… I had a terrible migraine on January 5 2019, which was my 4th migraine ever… I’m 25, almost 26 and female – I considered myself healthy. After this migraine I felt dizzy, brain fog, forgetful, couldn’t focus my eyes properly at work (on computer and just in general), extreme light sensitivity, and this has all been going on since Jan 5. I went to emergency 4 times, my family doctor 4 times, each time they tried treating me for inner ear infections, migraines, checked blood twice, had a cat scan, nothing improved and everything was “normal”. Finally I was referred to a vestibular rehab therapist and she diagnosed me with Vestibular Neuritis which is an inflammation in your inner ear. Now I have to do vestibular rehab therapy to get better.

  • By alyshajh

    Hey Dave,

    I had all of the same symptoms as you, almost 100%! It turns out that I have vestibular neuritis, have you been checked for this? I have a lot of information on it and ways to recover from it if anyone is curious. It all started after a migraine (which I believe was caused from the nerve inflammation in my ear – vestibular neuritis). I still have extreme light sensitivity ever since my migraine, which I don’t understand. Do you feel dizzy at all Dave?

    I’ll go into a bit of detail about what happened to me… I had a terrible migraine on January 5 2019, which was my 4th migraine ever… I’m 25, almost 26 and female – I considered myself healthy. After this migraine I felt dizzy, brain fog, forgetful, couldn’t focus my eyes properly at work (on computer and just in general), extreme light sensitivity, and this has all been going on since Jan 5. I went to emergency 4 times, my family doctor 4 times, each time they tried treating me for inner ear infections, migraines, checked blood twice, had a cat scan, nothing improved and everything was “normal”. Finally I was referred to a vestibular rehab therapist and she diagnosed me with Vestibular Neuritis which is an inflammation in your inner ear. Now I have to do vestibular rehab therapy to get better.

  • By Mike2019

    Hi Alyshajh!

    Thank you for your reply on this topic, the brain/body is so complicated, it helps a great deal to talk to fellow sufferers.
    I had my inner ear checked a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t thorough.

    That being said, vertigo/ dizziness is very mild for me and present when the fog is very heavy and I feel like I’m waking up from anesthesia. In that case, the world feels surreal and “out of mental reach” , and there is some vertigo, but nothing crazy or nauseous, just a feeling of discomfort.

    Most of the time I feel the cognitive impairment and lack of capacity to think “outside of the box” litteraly

    Is your vertigo / dizziness potent?
    Is it the most important factor in your case?

    Otherwise what you describe is indeed very very similar!

    Courage Alyshajh we will make it trough all these!
    I started a diet and changed habits, trying to reduce my stress levels(work etc) , which were off the charts for most of my life.


    • By alyshajh

      Hey again Mike, that’s great that you don’t have constant vertigo, it’s really awful.
      I can relate to that brain fog feeling for sure… ever since my migraine 2 months ago I have felt brain fog. Today I picked up my special glasses that help with light sensitivity and I’m doing my vestibular rehab therapy which might be helping with the vertigo, so that’s positive. I too was under extreme stress when this all began, so I’m also making a lot of changes in my diet and lifestyle! I’m also taking magnesium and coenzyme q10 daily – I’m hoping that helps a bit too. I feel like your physical and mental health should always be the main focus for recovery. I noticed I was clenching my jaw in my sleep and I have been having a lot of sinus pressure lately which hasn’t been helping (viral sinus infection). Prayers that we all feel better very soon 🙂

  • By Mike2019

    Hey alyshajh,

    I believe these things are a good opportunity to put our lifestyle and habits in perspective.
    Changing many things is annoying at first but for the best!
    I’m still clueless about it’s mechanisms, but healthier habits is a good step anyway!

    Let’s keep on moving forward Indeed!

  • By Mike2019

    Hi Dave and everyone,

    Sadly I came to the conclusion with many specialists opinion that I have a form of brain exhaustion or burn out.
    I had many tests and comparative MRIs, lumbar punction..
    Everything is A OK.
    And yet all days I fluctuate between heavy fog and cognitive impairment and mild one.
    I am also like you deeply tired after 2 or 3 hours of being up , and I have to go to sleep around 9pm latest.
    I have no energy.
    Only a few hours per week, the fog clears almost completely, usually around Friday evening.

    And like you, this started at a very stressful time in my life.
    Since you posted 2 years ago I was curious to how you were doing now, if by any chance you see this post!
    Thank you, and all the best.

    • By jimmyh5

      Hi mike,

      Did you get blood test results? I had the same symptoms. Fatigue and tiredness, sensitive to light, lack of concentration, blurred vision, very low mood and memory loss.

      I went to dr years ago with stress from time in the army. I would now say it was down to low folate. Can cause very low moods. Try and get hold of some folic acid and some vitamin b12. Worth they try.
      I never would expect a vitamin to affect me that much.

      Hope you can get it resolved, extremely frustrating.

  • By MaryTyler

    l’ve had a very similar ”hangover”.

    It just doesn’t go away. l have found that when l take Imitrex, it pretty much ‘clears’ the migraine so to speak.

    Before Imitrex l was generally in a low grade pain level or just in a brain fog following migraines that never seemed to clear up.

    Probably not helpful since l imagine you’ve already tried that, but maybe the right abortive med and preventive for you can help.

  • By Aladdin

    I’m here to mention some things that might help.
    I’m 35 now and I have had same brain fog like a lot of you mentioned. Finally reading exact descriptions of what I felt gave me some comfort but honestly I wouldn’t wish this for my worst enemy and so I’m sad to see others have had this. It happened to me first time in 2013 when no dr or anyone i talked to had any idea of what it is.

    But anyway, I don’t want to go in details of that rather focus on what helped me get out of it and gave hope.
    I will mention that I got it in 2013 first time (same aura and headache triggered it) and took a few months to start to slowly go away but prob took a year to fully go away. Then 2015 got it again, this time took a little less time but dis go away. Now 2019 I just got it again. So for a good 3 years I was completely ok.

    Things that can help:
    1. Swimming with a swim cap!!: I figured this out coincidentally as I like swimming. This doesn’t make the brain fog go away but brings the effect down. This pretty much works every time for me. I was told that it could be because of the pressure the swimming cap puts on your head (accupressure). But when I wear it at home, altho still helps, swimming makes a bigger impact. I think could be because of the cold water at my gym in addidtion to maybe because I wear swimming goggles (helps as we are sensitive to light).
    2. As no dr could tell me what I am going through and at that time they didn’t even know it’s a migraine related thing, I turned to alternate medicine and treatment. One that helped me a lot I’d acupuncture + current therapy/ bio-feedback. The person i see is an osteopath and has a wide range of skills and a person like this can really help. I also saw a cranial-sacral therapist who def helped as well.
    3. Meditation. I found this was key. Along with head symptoms comes anxiety. Meditation and breathing exercises helped me to control this. Also this helps for oxygen to go to the brain…so I feel it did help in clearing the fog.
    4.I changed my lifestyle. I had a schedule that I more or less followed. Woke up around same time, slept around same time, ate around same time etc. I tried to keep a small project at home to keep my mind diverted (or as much as I could).
    5. I cleaned up my eating habits. Ate healthy balanced meals as much as possible. In that state of mind, food didn’t matter to me as much anyway.
    6. I took vitamin D and vitamin B12. First 2 times I went through this, I didn’t know it was migraine related so these were the only 2 vitamins I was told to take.
    7. Low key stretches and yoga. I did this as i felt If this issue is somehow muscle related, this would help. Yoga has benefits and so I out this in my schedule

    That’s all for the 1st two times I went through this. This is my 3rd time and now I know that this is migraine related issue. So I’m taking the supplements that help with migraine. And I have now found some new things that I feel are helping.

    1. Hot and cold shower: in the morning I do this. A new acupuncturist I see told me this as it creats more blood circulation in the brain.So take shower with hot water for around 5-10 mins. Then turn the water to fully cold. Not warm not cool but COLD. I usually just turn the knob right to fully cold. Stay in cold water for 15 seconds then turn to hot again. Stay in hot water for another 2-5 minutes then cold again. I do this for 3 cold showers.End your shower with cold water. Cold water will be hard…the whole point for hot and cold is to shock your body.
    2. This new acupuncturist believes that the problem is due to my bad posture and tight neck muscles. Initially I was skeptical as I have heard that before but after 1st session my brain fog cleared up a bit for that day. Then came bavk mext day. After my second session the brain fog was actually almost pretty much gone for a couple hours. It came back after vut to lesser amount.So he might have a point with the whole neck muscle thing. So maybe get that looked into.
    3. Ice packs on the head. This doesn’t work everytime for me but sometimes did make the brain fog a bit better so you can try.

    Hope I help everyone with these tips. This is the worst feeling in the world and i hope everyone can get rid of it.
    If anyone has any other tips, do share.

    If anyone is in the Toronto area, let me know and I can give you names of people I saw. Maybe they will help you too.

  • By araustin

    Hi all,

    First off – please read all the way to the bottom if you’re looking for some possible answers!

    I was so glad to come across this thread, as it very much mimicked my own experience – although what happened to me seemed quite atypical. I’m a 40 year-old woman with no known history of migraine (just the occasional bad headache). The initial symptoms for me were a sore neck and increasing feeling of brain fog/dissociation, which culminated in a few trips to the ER (one in which I felt like I lost the ability to talk, had tunnel vision, and experienced tingling in my body, especially my hands). I had a severe headache after this for about a day and a half. CT, MRI and blood work were all normal. I’d also experienced phantom smells several months prior and was being investigated for those, so a clear MRI was a relief but obviously didn’t tell the whole picture. My doctor suspected migraine, and I could see how it might correspond with migraine with brainstem aura. I was referred to the neurologist, a 3-6 month wait.

    Anyhow I was still experiencing severe and disabling brain fog symptoms a week later (to the point I haven’t been able to function at work), which didn’t seem to meet the typical picture for a migraine. It’s much worse after being upright for a few minutes to hours and relieved by lying down. This whole incident was also accompanied by back pain, of the burning and radiating variety, totally unlike the type of dull ache I normally get with back pain. I’ve also had tinnitus and muffled hearing since this whole thing started.

    Anyhow an earlier poster on this thread mentioned lumbar puncture, so I did a little more investigating (I used to be a Registered Nurse), which led me to some websites discussing cerebral spinal fluid leaks. I was bowled over by what I found: it’s a totally under-recognized, under-diagnosed condition, which can mimic migraines, meningitis and other vestibular disorders. Symptoms are often debilitating and last for months and years; I think I read it can take an average of 13 months to get a diagnosis. The leaking can be caused by medical procedures, connective tissue disorders, or for no known reason. Symptoms are made worse by being upright and better when lying down because the brain “sags” in the skull, putting pressure on various parts of the brain.

    I’d urge any of you whose symptoms are better in the morning, get worse throughout the day, and are relieved by lying flat (or even if they’re not – sometimes the body adapts and lying down doesn’t help or change things) to please, PLEASE investigate this condition and talk to your doctor about it, if any of it rings true for you. This is a really great resource:

    There’s also this excellent (slightly long, 1.5 hour) video by a renowned Stanford doctor, Dr. Ian Carroll, on these “mystery” headaches, in which sometimes the only symptom is cognitive dysfunction:

    Diagnosis can be difficult as the various scans (regular and contrast-enhanced) don’t always show the leak, and the cerebrospinal fluid pressure can be normal, or even high (the person who posted above mentioned theirs was normal). Also, not everyone has a headache with this condition; I certainly don’t have a headache daily.

    I went to my doctor with all of the above info and fortunately he was open to considering it. He discussed it with the neurologist who agreed and recommended an MRI of my brain and spine enhanced with gadolinium – this might not show the leak for sure, but it might show other irregularities associated with leaks. Apparently if no leak is found by scans, sometimes treatment is initiated anyway (your own blood is injected into your cerebrospinal fluid, and it patches up the leak). I won’t go on too much about the treatment side of things, feel free to read/watch more at the links above.

    All this to say, I don’t know for sure if my problem is a CSF leak, but the symptoms all line up (and sound eerily similar to what’s been happening for many of you). I can post again once I have some more answers.

    This could be your problem too.