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searching on this site

  • By Tamara

    this is a technical question … I have a lot of trouble using the search button on this website. It will bring up one or two articles that are about the phrase I searched for but then just links to all the new articles. It does this both on my ipad and desktop.

    Normally this is fine, I just cruise the newer articles and forums, but getting more annoying lately.

    I need to find a good summary/overview of what chronic migraine entails – symptoms, disability, etc. I want to include it in my file for disability so the person looking it over will understand a bit what im going through. I also thought that if I added something from a site like this, it would look better than me just writing out a page or two.

    anyone else have trouble with the search function? Thanks!

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  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Hi Tamara,

    Thank you for the question! Our search is something we discuss on a regular basis and I will let our technical team know.

    Have you seen the disability section? If not let me share that with you;

    I found when applying for disability they want to know what we can’t do during the day rather then what we can do. I have a few articles I thought may be helpful; and

    Let me know if that helps!

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  • By Kelly McNamara Keymaster

    Hi Tamara,

    We thank you so much for all the feedback! Hearing from the community is the best way for us to learn what works and what doesn’t! I’ll be sharing this with the larger team. In the meanwhile, I know Nancy has listed some resources!

    Always feel free to reach out with any future comments or feedback!

    Thanks again,

    Kelly, Team Member

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    • By kateymac

      I would find it helpful if I knew that the MOST RECENT post, regarding my search topic, came up first; going backward in time from there.
      When I search “Medical Marijuana” and the first post is from 8 yrs ago, I think “there must be something more recent.” (2nd post: 4yrs old; 3rd post: 3yrs old; 4th post: 1yr old..).
      Is there a way to change this?
      OR – am I searching incorrectly?

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  • By kateymac

    Thanks Nancy, I appreciate that. – I could be remembering wrong, but I THINK The Daily Headache site by Kerrie Smyres had a search that brought up recent posts first, and then seemingly many more in that order. I see she contributes here – I hope it’s not overstepping to suggest checking how she does it.
    (Again – if my foggy migbrain is even recalling that right!🙄)

    Also – THANKS for the links you gave me!! I haven’t managed to look at them yet, but will likely read them tonight or tomorrow.
    Have a great evening!

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