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Is this a migraine??

Hello All,
I'm asking for some insight as to what may have hit me this week. My husband and daughter deal with migraines on a fairly regular basis and my daughter says her migraines are sort of similar to what I'm describing. My husband's are different.
Monday of this week I felt as if I were coming down with something. My face felt flushed (but did not look any different). I just felt off and very fatigued. Yesterday I woke with a pounding headache in the back of my head that was pretty much unbearable when I moved my head quickly or bent over at all. This has eased today, but has not gone away completely. I've had this type of headache before, but these additional symptoms are new and are continuing today: (these are so weird): I feel as if gravity is extra heavy and pressing my body down. It feels as if I have a lack of control over my arms and legs. Like they're very rubbery. I'm dropping things. I'm lightheaded and dizzy. For brief moments (4-5 seconds off and on) my hands feel as if they're tingling. Arms and legs feel heavy. I'm fatigued. I'm having a difficult time with eye-tracking while I'm reading and my vision is impaired somewhat, but I really can't describe in what way it is impaired. If I had to pick the worst symptom it's this weird heavy/rubbery arms and leg feeling. When I'm just sitting I don't notice it as much, but when I move it's very pronounced.
My basics: I'm 56, still have a little bit of estrogen, 5' 3" 140, no major issues health-wise. I've had one "classic" migraine in my life (before this, if this is a migraine) after being put under anesthesia about 10 years ago.
I'd appreciate any insight at all.
Thank you!

  1. Hi
    Thank you for sharing your concerns with us. We've heard from other who experience similar symptoms and while this certainly could be migraine, it's important to let the doctor know when we have new and/or different symptoms. Can you reach out to your doctor today?

    As much as I wish we could tell you what is going on, we're not medical professionals and it's not safe to do online. Please get in touch with your doctor and keep us posted.

    Sending all the positive vibes, Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Leader/Moderator Team Member

    1. - Hi Rhonda - I hope you've visited a physician and explained this event just as you have above. These symptoms could be from any number of things, and as we are not physicians and cannot advise you on anything medical, I think in our hearts we hope you find your way to a treating physician - even if it's your primary care doctor. I know these symptoms can seem alarming to you, and in reality, stress may make symptoms worse. My experience in such situations (of high emotional state, nervous, excited, irritable, etc for any reason) is to partake in breathing techniques to calm my mind. As you head into this journey of diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, etc - you may wish to find some ways to help soothe the mind and spirit. Here's a link with some ideas that may help until you get in to see a physician. Also I wanted to drop this link to a video by a wonderful woman and member, Holly, about strange migraine symptoms. Hope this helps in the least. Warmly Rebecca ( team member )

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