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My Latest Effort to Avoid the Emergency Room

The emergency room is never a desirable place to be, but it certainly isn’t in the midst of a migraine. The lights, noise, and movement are all so amplified.

So, I do everything possible to avoid it during a migraine. While I’ve done well over the years using diet and lifestyle to manage migraines, I did recently have a severe migraine that had me getting physically sick and getting dehydrated.

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A migraine dehydration tip

The dehydration is what often sends me to the ER because it robs me of the strength I need to recover. I knew I needed to do something before I started losing too much fluid. I decided to use a thermos of ice chips that I could just let melt in my mouth one at a time.

Thankfully it was just enough to hold me over as the migraine eventually subsided. It was an important reminder for me to get my water in on a daily basis so I never go into a migraine day dehydrated.

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