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Is it Depression or Migraine?

Some of my migraine attacks are accompanied by what feels like clinical depression. I cry, catastrophize, and hate my life for the duration of the migraine attack. When the attack lifts, my mood bounces right back to normal. I've had clinical depression, so I know what it feels like for me. I also know that it doesn't let up without antidepressants. In this video, I explore the odd migraine experience of a sudden, intermittent depression-like mood.

Another perspective

P.S. After I recorded this video, I mentioned my depression-like migraine attacks to a friend who has chronic migraine and depression. She also gets migraine attacks like this. However, she has always thought of them as a depression flare that coincides with migraine attacks, rather than symptoms of the migraine attack. Are we're experiencing the same thing and seeing it different ways, or are we having different experiences? We'll probably never know, but I wanted to share her experience in case it resonates with you more than mine does.

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