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How to Protect Yourself Against Fragrance in Public

Last updated: July 2022

We can take all the measures to avoid a migraine.

We take our medicine, eat the right foods, get consistent sleep, stay hydrated, avoid fragrances… and then we leave the house and are vulnerable to the uncontrollable elements of our environment.

  • A coworker may wear strong perfume or cologne.
  • The hotel room you’re staying in was sprayed with an air freshener.
  • You’re riding in a friend’s car who is a smoker.

There are SO many scenarios we find ourselves in that can directly affect our health but we don’t have full control over.

What’s a migraineur to do?

What can you do?

At work: Talk with Human Resources about a fragrance-free policy in the workplace and/or request a workspace by a window, the best ventilation, or even a work from home option.

On vacation: Go prepared with your own fragrance-free sunscreen and bug repellent and call the hotel in advance to request that your room not be sprayed with air freshener.

In the mall: Take a different route through department stores to avoid walking through the fragrance department.

On public transportation: Leverage the normalization of masks to lessen the exposure and impact of the scent.

Tell us below how you navigate scents in public spaces.

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