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What Migraine Looked Like For Me on This Particular Day: #Migraineselfie #Migrainevideo

Migraine attacks are beyond tricky: they’re different from person to person, and any one patient can have different symptoms from attack to attack. Here you’ll see a rather unattractive video of me talking through a recent attack. My hope was not to look lovely for all the world to see, but to do a real-time description of what that particular attack was like for me on that particular day.


Have you ever recorded yourself during a migraine attack? It can be really enlightening to watch later (for instance, I watched this video on a healthy day and could see how I really do look different during an attack–it’s not just my migraine brain that thinks that!). It can also help those without migraine to understand more of where you’re coming from and will be one more step in fighting the stigma.

If you do create a video that you share on social media, consider tagging in it and use the hashtags #migraineselfie and #migrainevideo.

Thanks for your time, y’all. I hope you’re feeling as well as possible today.

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  • aurohra
    1 year ago

    I know what you mean about functioning at various levels depending on what kind of attack you are having. I have had both my husband and boss comment on how dark my computer or phone screen is and I understand not being able to tolerate even the lowest setting. What I would say to people who don’t know what a migraine looks like would be… you might see it when when a Mom or dad is dropping their child to school, the family may look a little unkempt and you might mistake the Migraineur for just being tired. I’d ask them how they would look if they woke up in morning with a hangover. And even if you see me smile, you might notice it is a polite smile but it doesn’t reach my eyes.

  • Ronan
    1 year ago

    Shared this with my FB followers. It’s important for others to know what a migraine looks like on us. Thank you for sharing this and I hope your system gets back to behaving soon

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