What's Your Secret: Touch - Hair & Skin Sensitivity

Known as allodynia, skin and hair follicles can become overly sensitive to the touch. This condition has a well-documented relationship with migraine. In this What’s Your Secret Video, we discuss the ways that hair and skin sensitivity and soreness can arise for migraineurs.

Migraine and sensitivity to touch

In the comment section below, please join the conversation and let us know if you experience allodynia or sensitivity to touch in general? If so, how do you handle it?

Note: Migraines often show themselves through the five senses of the human body (taste, sight, smell, and sound). Whether in the form of a prodrome or a trigger, it’s almost as if the senses are like kindling just waiting to ignite- with migraine being the match. This What’s Your Secret Video is part of a series on the Five Senses and how they interact with migraine. We hope you will join us in the comment section to share your stories and experiences of how your senses have played a role with your migraine disease. Stay tuned for more videos.

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