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A Peek Inside Migraine

Last updated: August 2021

June is Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, and most people are aware that migraine often involves some sort of head pain, but the larger spectrum of symptoms isn’t as widely known. Migraine.com conducts a yearly Migraine in America survey asking people about their migraine disease. In our 2020 survey, people reported 21 symptoms on average!

What are the top 5 migraine symptoms?

We spoke with several members of the migraine community to get their experience on the top 5 symptoms in our 2020 survey: head pain (96%), sensitivity to light (92%), brain fog (85%), sensitivity to sound (85%), and difficulty concentrating (83%). In the video below we hear them describe their symptoms with some visuals that take you inside the experience of a migraine.

Whether you are a person with migraine disease or not, we hope this led to a deeper understanding. Please share this during awareness month and beyond!

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