Video of Aura

I took this video just as I was starting to get a visual aura, which occurs right before the head pain sets in. I illustrate how my field of vision changes during this prodrome phase. You can tell that I’m a bit spacey and clumsy as I try to show how I use Migranal, a DHE nasal spray abortive. I even say to squirt one spray in each “nose” instead of each nostril. You all know what I mean!

This demonstration is for those who have been prescribed Migranal, talk to your doctor if you are interested in this abortive.

I used to get auras right before every migraine, but now that it is chronic, I rarely get auras. When I do, I know this attack is going to be particularly bad. And it was. It took about 4 days to get back to my normal.

Hopefully this helps you to understand what an aura is like or use the video to show someone who doesn’t get it.

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