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The members of the Editorial Team are either employees of Health Union, the parent company of Migraine.com, or professional medical writers who are contracted to work for Health Union. Often times we collaborate on articles for the site that may cover a broad range of topics from news articles, reports from our In America surveys, or a summary of feedback that we’ve gathered from our community members. We are very diverse in our backgrounds and expertise, so sometimes we may write as individuals or as a team.

By Editorial Team - September 20, 2017
Managing symptoms of migraine is difficult enough, but emotional and mental challenges can also arise. Often, people aren’t just coping with one chronic condition, but several, and it can have a negative... READ MORE

By Editorial Team - July 18, 2017
We have an incredible team of contributors here at Migraine.com, and are introducing some of our newest members by highlighting their “Ask the Experts” questions from Migraine Awareness Month. Gretchen joined both... READ MORE

By Editorial Team - July 18, 2017
Have a question about migraines and aren’t sure where to turn? The Q&A feature helps you get quick answers and suggestions from other community members. You can search through previously posted questions... READ MORE

By Editorial Team - July 9, 2017
Researchers are still searching to uncover the pathology that causes migraines, in hopes that by understanding how they develop, new treatments can interrupt the disease process and prevent migraines from occurring altogether.... READ MORE