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Bookshop owner & migraineur Janet "The Migraine Girl" Geddis moved around a bit in her early 20s before deciding to make Athens, Georgia her home

By The Migraine Girl - October 26, 2017
“Oh, sorry! I thought your brights were on!” “Oh my gosh. I’m not a jerk—I just thought you hadn’t turned off your brights!” “Sorrrrryy!” These are a few things you might hear... READ MORE

By The Migraine Girl - October 4, 2016
Late last fall, I was on a vacation with some friends. I had left my bathing suit behind in Georgia because I had no idea—zero, in fact—that the weather would be unseasonably... READ MORE

By The Migraine Girl - August 31, 2016
Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to reliably figure out why this happens, but sometimes my tried-and-true medications just don’t work right. Take, for instance, the migraine I had this past Sunday. I... READ MORE