By Tammy Rome - May 27, 2016
You can’t Google “migraine” without getting bombarded with ads for goods and services. Everywhere you click, there are promises of relief. How can you tell which ones are legitimate and which are... READ MORE

By Tammy Rome - May 19, 2016
Every migraineur has a unique story. Our journey of life with migraine can be described as a process of growing awareness. Each step along the way matters. While there really is no... READ MORE

By Tammy Rome - May 13, 2016
I don’t know if this is the case with other chronic illnesses, but I’ve noticed that migraineurs tend to take personal ownership of their migraine experience. How many times do we say,... READ MORE

By Kerrie Smyres - May 12, 2016
“Your brain is on fire and caffeine is gasoline.” My headache specialist said that to me five years ago. After two decades of an on-and-off relationship with caffeine, I’ve barely had any... READ MORE

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