Pooping as Migraine Relief (Yes, I Said It)

Last year I came clean (or shall I say “unclean”?) and talked frankly about a very ugly side of migraine for many of us sufferers: IBS, diarrhea, constipation, and other stomach and poop issues.

The responses were myriad, and several of you thanked me for laying it out on the line even though I was pretty uncomfortable doing so. Turns out even more people than I thought have stomach and intestinal issues that are likely to be related to our migraine disease.

Pooping as migraine relief

But here’s something else related to this whole topic: pooping as migraine relief. (The first time someone close to me mentioned this to me, I definitely thought to myself, “What the….?”) I have a group of buddies who have had migraines for many years and used to compare notes when younger. My friend said, “My sister and I called them ‘poop headaches,’ because once we were able to poop, we felt immediately better.”

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Can pooping relieve the pain of an attack?

My analytical self wonders if maybe, for them, the migraine was already starting to dissipate and the need to use the restroom was just one last step before the pain totally subsided. But perhaps there’s something more to it.

As I myself have never found migraine relief after going #2, I can’t identify with their story, but I admit that I am very, very curious. (Note: I have felt a little better after finally vomiting after having migraine with nausea, but no such luck with the poo-poo.)

Have you ever felt a migraine subside after you were able to make a bowel movement? Does this resonate at all with you, or am I sounding like a crazy person? If you’re willing to share, we’re willing to listen!

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