What gives?

I'm nearing my second day of the steroids. Granted, I took my first set of pills last evening around 8:30, so really the first and second days' worth of 'roids have only been in my system for a little over 24 hours. (Gross--did I really just write "'roids"?) But still--what gives!?

There's so much pressure in my sinuses, neck, and head. My neurologist (or rather, the assistant who always calls on his behalf) instructed me to not take any of my regular acute or rescue meds, so I feel screwed right now. It's been years since I've had to suffer through a Migraine attack this long.

I must have become more wimpy over the years, cause I just can't take it anymore. In high school and college (especially college), I pretty much went triptan-free. (I was diagnosed and given Imitrex when I was 21, about to start my senior year at college.) Before the diagnosis, I would have to muddle through the pain and side effects for up to days at a time. Now I can't let one go one for long before reaching for my emergency kit. Perhaps having an official name for my disease made it more real for me--I realized I wasn't just nursing a recurring, frustrating headache--instead, I was treating symptoms of a serious, life-altering disease.

This afternoon my beau and his friend dropped by for a bit, and I had a good hour or so of feeling okay--no major pains, but still a general sense of uneasiness and weakness. I made sandwiches and cut up fruit for dinner, but that seemed to be the last straw--as soon as I took my last bite, I was ready to lie down again despite my utter boredom with my bedroom at this point. A few hours later, I reemerged from my room for a warm bath. Using this pain-relieving ointment I got recently on my neck and upper back proved to feel amazing when combined with the warm bath water--I felt as if my neck was both chilled and warm at the same time as the hot water splashed on the ointment. It felt goooood. But the respite the bath allowed me was brief, and I got up and tried to do a couple of things before feeling bad again. Had a nice conversation on the phone with one of my best friends, but the last ten minutes or so became a struggle as I tried to sound chipper despite my head's throbbing.

I'm not sleepy. I've been sleeping so much. Sitting up hurts; lying down hurts. I can't take medication other than the steroids I'm on for three more days or the daily meds I pop. No Imitrex. No Maxalt. No mind-numbing Lortab.

When will this kick in? Am I continuing to get new Migraine attacks because of stress and the omnipresent Georgia pollen, or is this the same Migraine continuing its awful journey?

I guess I'll try to convince myself I'm tired again. The last few nights I've fallen asleep listening to guided visualization tapes and/or NPR podcasts (This American Life, Radio Lab, and Selected Shorts are my favorites).


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