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8 days so far

i've been getting severe migraines that last more than 8 days. i know that seems like nothing to some of you. i've been to the ER twice, thy pump me full of meds and the headache comes back the next day. my PCP is off this week and i can't see a neuro for a month.

any tips? i'm in misery.

  1. Hi nikkibee,

    I'm sorry it's taken so long to get to you and you've been suffering so. It's now August 11 how are you feeling? Any relief yet?

    Having migraine pain for more than eight days can be a real problem. Please don't discount your pain - just because others may have had longer lasting pain doesn't mean yours doesn't count, it does!

    If you still are in migraine pain, this cycle really needs to be broken. Migraine pain lasting this long may put us at an increased risk for a condition called status migrainous, which increases our risk of stroke. Here is information on this topic:

    Now having said that, does your PCP have an on call doctor you can get to today and ask for some relief? Steriod dose packs are often used to break nasty cycles.

    Please let me know how you are doing?


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