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After having tried nearly everything preventive (except I have a gut feeling against Botox for me), I tried acupuncture. After 7 visits over 2 months, I went from 15-18 migraine days a month to 3-5, with no multiple day migraines! Hope this helps someone else 🙏.

  1. - Thank you so much for sharing how acupuncture is making such a difference in your migraine frequency. That is wonderful- and pain-free days too! That's really worth celebrating. For those interested in learning more about acupuncture- we have a fair amount of resources here: For me, acupuncture worked wonderfully to break an attack and even to prevent them in the short-term- but it only remained effective to stave off my chronic attacks if I had a treatment every other day which I can unfortunately not afford to do. So glad it is working so well for you! Warmly- Holly team.

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