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Migraine and heartbeat

I have a non stop migraine since november 2022 all day but I can sleep. I passed many test and now i take amitriptyline 100mg and it work but if i miss one pill the next day my migraine starts.
since many months now i have a regular heartbeat but 40 beats more than usual at all time. I pass many test and nothing seems wrong. So my question is, can a migraine cause this. Sorry for my english.

  1. Thank you for reaching out and joining the conversation. We can't give medical advice here we can share information, to the end I'm afraid we can't answer your question. Has your doctor suggested anything?
    I hope others will be along shortly to share their experiences with you and please keep us posted on how you are doing, Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Leader/Moderator Team

    1. In general, the heartrate can increase as a response to pain, but you should definitely check in with your doctor to determine the specific cause for you and make sure everything is OK. Wishing all the best! -Melissa, migraine team

      1. I suffered from horrible migraines for 33 years or more and they became chronic, 22 a month. I started Vyepti I.V. infusions this past April. It's once every 12 weeks. My insurance, Humana, covers entire cost. I have not had one migraine in over 8 months!!! I am a new person with a new outlook on life! Just FYI!!

        1. That's terrific! What fantastic news, thank you so much for sharing this with us. It will give others hope!
          I hope you have a pain free, happy holiday season, Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Leader/Moderator Team

        2. YAY! Remarkably, you've experienced such a positive transformation, and we appreciate you sharing this success. We love success stories.

          Effective migraine management is crucial for well-being, and it's heartening to know that you've found a treatment that works for you. Your story may provide hope and inspiration for others who are dealing with chronic migraines. Wishing you continued relief. Warmly - Rebecca (community moderator)

      2. Thank you so much! Meant to say that the infusion only takes 30 minutes. Appreciate the comment and want this to be a Merry Christmas to anyone who suffers with debilitating migraines as I have! From Paula Montenegro, Greensboro, NC

        1. thank you for the warm holiday wishes to our community. We're so glad that you're part of it. Hope you're doing well today.
          - Alene, moderator

        2. Happy Holidays to you! I live less than an hour from Greensboro! Warmly - Holly - team

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