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Advil…why are you breaking up with me?

It was Advil and I against the world for 20 years. Once and a while it’d give me bad push back, but doesn’t every significant other? All in all, the trust was real. Dec 2021, the relationship halted. I gave it a rest until July 2022. I had just finished Covid 2 weeks ago. I needed 4 to kill off my newest migraine but it worked. 2 used to always do the trick. Only 4-5x month thanks to Nurtec and Botox, 2 Advil were needed and worked as an abortive. Until end of Aug 2022 (same problem as end of July). 2 Advil worked but then woke up 7 hours later midsleep and the migraine returned (never happens to me if I take Advil!). Took 2 more and 7 hours later Nurtec was needed to kill it for good. Yesterday, 9/27/22, 2 Advil didn’t do much. A 3rd took the edge off and 6 hours later, a second dose of 2 killed it. So far took a 2 month break from Ubrelvy as that suddenly stopped working after a magical year of it helping with just 1 pill(occasionally 2) and allowing me to have less Advil. Why is this happening with Advil? It can’t be MOH! I have always taken one dose of 2 (4-5x month) except for these few weird times! Back to Ubrelvy? help

  1. Thank you for sharing the update. You're had such a rough time. I'm sorry Advil doesn't seem to be cutting it as it once did. I wish I could say for sure if this was MOH, but only your doctor can do that. I'm wondering if it's a matter of things changing yet again, which is common with migraine treatments. Treatments that once worked suddenly stop, which has been my experience.
    I truly wish I had a better answer for you. Will you keep us posted? Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Leader/Moderator Team

    1. Will do! Tysm!

      1. new update - even after 2 doses, just 12 hours later the migraine came back. Obv Advil is not the answer. Hoping my bi-daily dose of Nurtec helps. My migraines NEVER come back after meds. I’m getting nervous. This happened in late Aug also.

        1. , I'm sorry you are struggling. Migraine can change over time along with your body. What has worked well before may no longer be effective. My husband's migraine disease has always been very resistant to treatment. It's frustrating. Make sure to let your treating doctor know what you are experiencing. They can help create a new treatment plan that may be more effective for your current state. Nurtec is working well for my husband as an abortive, and he uses Emgality monthly as his main preventative. He has found that combination therapies help him the most overall, but it takes constant monitoring to maintain the balance. I hope you find relief soon. Keep us posted, and always know we are here to support you whenever you need it. Warmly, Cheryl team

      2. Tysm! I’m going back today. It even woke me from sleep and keeps returning.

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