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Aimovig and preventive maintenance medications

I was involved in an Aimovig research trial. To be included in this trial, participants could not be taking certain preventative maintenance medications. After the trial ended, I was started on Topamax and Namenda. Is anyone currently taking their preventive maintenance medications and Aimovig? If so, what are your symptoms?

  1. I am currently taking all my preventatives plus just started Aimovig (topomax, gabapentin, botox). So far, I have not noticed any side effects from Aimovig.

    1. I am taking Topamax, Botox every 10 weeks and Aimovig 140 mg every 28 days. No side effects.

      1. Can you take Aimovig with Topomax still in your system? Or should you wait for your system to be clear of the Topomax? Does anyone know how long to wait?

      2. Hello! I've had two doses of Aimovig so far and have been on Topomax the entire time. No side effects. My neurologist said there were currently no known counter-indications.

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