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How Long Before Aimovig Became Effective?

I just started Aimovig 140mg after trying Topamax was not effective. For those who are on Aimovig, how long was it before you noticed a reduction in migraine & headache days? Thanks!

  1. Hello Jennifer2301, thank you for reaching out! I hope others will stop by to share their experiences of Aimovig with you. Within the community there are a variety of experiences with the CGRP preventatives like Aimovig. Some people experience immediate results in the first month and others need 3-6 months to determine if the medication is going to be a helpful treatment or not. This forum discussion about community members' experiences of Aimovig might be of interest to peruse while you wait for others to share with you. Please keep us posted on how you are managing and your response to Aimovig. Hoping good things for you! Wishing you a gentle day. ~Allyson ( team)

    1. It did not help enough to justify the cost on Medicare.

      1. Hi Jennifer2301- for some, it can take a few rounds, and has a cumulative effect. In my personal experience, I noticed a difference in the intensity of my pain right away. I hope that Aimovig makes a difference for you. ~Melanie ( team member)

        1. I did 70 mg shots for a year, then started 140 mg shots 6 months ago. Each time I found my max benefit was achieved around 4 months. I'm someone with daily migraines. That hasn't really changed. I've occasionally achieved a week without migraine while on Aimovig, but that's only happened 2-3 times. For me the benefit has been in lowered intensity. Now my migraines are mild enough that Imitrex will quickly get rid of them. I'm not spending hours in bed trying to sleep it off after taking the Imitrex. Overall my pain levels daily have gone down quite a bit. I've been able to reduce medication levels by 25%.

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