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I just had an appointment with my neurologist. She has changed my Ajovy to 3 shots at one time and should last 3 months. Has anyone else done that?

  1. - Hi there- this is actually not something I've personally heard of thus far, but I have heard of migraine specialists mixing it up a bit with the CGRPs. The primary change I've heard is that the loading dose (first month) for most CGRPs (which is two shots at once - or a double dose) is sometimes continued for some patients-- so each month they take 2 shots. Is your neurologist a migraine specialist? Warmly, Holly ( team).

    1. Yes she is the expert in migraines. There was only one other but he is taking no new patients. My problem is we are traveling and have difficulty getting the monthly shots in a timely manner. Ajovy has been the best so far. I'm hoping that I won't get used to it and it will be no longer effective.

      1. That is fascinating. I'm so curious to know if this is something she's trying with other patients and what she's finding as far as response. I'm sorry that access has been an issue for you -- will you be back home soon? At the very least, I'm glad to hear you're doing some traveling and Ajovy is working well for you! Please keep us posted -- I think your unique treatment schedule will be of interest to the community. 😀 Take care! -Melissa, team

    2. We are both retired now so we won't be home until December. Our daughter is at the house. I can handle shots every three months. It will be easier for me and my drugs.

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