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Ajovy Shot

I have tried Emgality and Aimovig both didn’t work but I had no side effects.

My first attempt at Ajovy

In April I tried Ajovy And for 3 months I have had the worst migraine of my life. I finally looked more into the Ajovy shot because that was the only thing I was taking and saw all these horrible side effects that weren’t listed on their website or the medication box. Besides the constant migraine, I’ve had anxiety worse than ever. Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience with this shot. I took my last dose last month but still feeling awful hoping it gets out of my system ASAP

  1. Hi thank you for sharing your question with us. I can understand your concern about unforeseen symptoms from switching to Ajovy. You are not alone, many people within the community have had the same experience. You did the right thing by seeking additional answers from others! I wanted to share with you one of our forums where others have shared and also expressed solutions to how they reached out to the manufacturer for example to let them know their experiences as well: Wishing you a low-pain week! -Lawrence ( Team)

    1. Hi! I didn’t take Ajovy but I did take Aimovig. Never ever again. My neuro thinks I’m nuts but I am positive that it created migraines for me. I never had a traditional, nauseating, dull chronic migraine until then. It lasted almost 2 weeks. I needed a daily Triptan. Eventually, it climaxed into an ER situation. You’re not alone and I wish you relief.

      1. Hi ricecakes622,
        Thanks for your post. I just started Ajovy last month, & while I haven’t noticed any side effects, I haven’t had any positive help from it yet, either. I’m REALLY hoping something good comes from this, as I’ve already taken Aimovig & Emgality. The Aimovig worked for a little while, but then seemed to lose its effectiveness over time. The Emgality never did a thing.
        It’s SOOO FRUSTRATING, this whole process, isn’t it? The migraines, trying all these meds in the hopes that they work, just to have your hopes dashed, & with you, even WORSE, because you had a reaction to the medication!! Talk about adding insult to injury!!
        I sure hope you are getting help & finding relief SOMEHOW!

        1. I took Ajovy 5 days ago and am pain free on day 6 with no side effects. So far so good. I am praying this will help as everything else has failed: Fails include Pizotifen, Beta blockers, Amytriptilene, Topamax, naproxen, antidpressants, and pain killers. Triptans work ok as accute drugs which is a life saver. I guess we are all different. I pray this drug works forme.

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