CGRPs (calcitonin-gene-related peptide)

Have you experienced side effects from Ajovy?

  • By dollarslice

    I started Ajovy twelve days ago and have had only one definite side effect, which probably falls under the “injection site reactions” they list. There was a little swelling/warmth around the injection sites (I did the three-month version which means you get three shots). And on the leg where I got two of the three shots, if I stand for more than twenty minutes or so, a big patch of the leg (around the injection sites, which were about eight inches apart) goes totally numb until I move around/walk/sit. I would recommend spreading the shots out more if you are getting the triple shot since I had no problems with the leg that only got one shot. (I guess it’s possible that the needle hit a nerve or something… who knows.)

    I also had one thing that might be a side effect but I’m not sure… a few days after the injection I got a pretty decent sunburn, which surprised me since it’s October and I live in NYC. I was outdoors for less than two hours all day and I wasn’t consistently in the sun. So I think there’s a possibility that the medicine is having an effect of sun sensitivity. Not 100% sure it was the meds since it was a sunny day and I am very fair. Something to keep an eye on, anyway.

    Certainly a lot less side effects than other meds I’ve had – I tend to be someone who gets all the side effects. I had a list of 15 side effects from topamax before I gave up on it…

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  • By my2thursdayboys

    I took my first injection Friday. I have been winded, sleeping non stop and had chest pain, severe migraine, dizziness upon standing and sitting upright. Went to urgent care, EKG showing PVC’s and bradycardia. I am a former heart patient – had an ablation 30 years ago, never have had bradycardia.

    I hope this doesn’t last 30 days. I am to follow up with my neurologist and see a cardiologist.

    I also had slight itching at the injection sight for about an hour. Minor.

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    • By 3shacksmom

      Similar side effect after 2 injections of ajovy. I thought I was having a heart attack. Chest pain, extreme fatigue, shortness of breath. Cardiologist says heart is fine. Neurologist says ajovy isn’t causing symptoms. I went from active at the gym to can’t breath going up starts.
      Haven’t taken 3rd shot. Has been a month since last one. Not back to normal but better than I was

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  • By JJoff

    I am entering week 4 following the first injection. My Dr. said there would not be any side effects and per literature, only minor. Immediately I began having severe constipation with cramping that lasted up to nearly a week, followed by two to three days of diarrhea. I’m on a soup diet! I’m on round three of this now! Prior to the injection I did not experience these issues. Yes, the migraines have decreased slightly but honestly, if the Ajovy is what’s causing my stomach issues it’s not worth it; it’s that bad. I’m due for a follow-up with my Dr…until then, anyone else??

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  • By VintChic

    I did my second Ajovy shot 4 days ago and right now the injection site has a massive angry, swollen rash that’s grown to 3 inches in diameter. I can’t stand to have anything touching it, so wearing jeans is out of the question! I had a similar reaction to the first shot but it was not quite this bad. I’ve been searching the internet for mention of similar reactions from other users but all I find are the generic “Side Effects” list.
    Right now I’m just so frustrated and upset. I had planned to use the drug for 3 months before determining if it was beneficial, but it seems my body is loudly against that idea.
    I’m seriously at a loss as to what to do next and my Neurologist is only interested in handing out drugs, not actually listening to my symptoms or answering my questions.

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  • By tpm4

    I have had 2 monthly injections and had to stop. I was prescribed Aimovig for chronic neck pain. Hasn’t helped at all and now has caused severe constipation and urine retention.
    I’ve read it has a half life of many months 😞

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