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Can I have both an allergy to wheat and celiac?

One allergist did the skin prick tests which showed an allergy to wheat and my throat closes when I eat it even a tiny amount. Another doc thinks I have celiac. No way am I going to stop my GF diet to do a biopsy due to my throat reaction. There a lot of similar symptoms. Does it matter since I'm going to stay on my FF diet?

  1. Hi there 26najch,
    Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with medical advice and tell you whether or not you should avoid certain foods and/or if by staying on your diet would be ok. I would certainly recommend discussing the specifics of your diet with your doctor to ensure you taking the safest steps to possibly avoid these possible allergies. However, you may find this article useful as it discuss the connection to wheat, gluten, celiac disease, etc.

    Take good care & nice hearing from you!
    Joanna ( Team)

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