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I've had migraines with aura for years and was prescribed topamax almost 10 years ago to combat vision loss attacks. It definitely has reduced the length, intensity and occurrence of my migraines. And, although I still get auras, I haven't had a complete vision loss in years. Now though, I have these phantom like migraine pains to the touch on my head.I had an aura migraine on Christmas Eve and ever since, although my sight is fine and my actual migraine is gone, if I touch the left side of my head, I feel a migraine come on instantly. But it goes away when I move my hand. Its not my imagination. This pain is the total sense of a migraine on the entire left side of my head to any touch. So, I googled it and came up with Allodynia. Anyone heard of this or suffered it? How long will this last?

  1. Hi Mrs. G,

    Thank you for your question. Yes, allodynia is when painless sensations, such as brushing our hair, or even air blowing across our skin, become painful. Allodynia can be comorbid with migraine, meaning it can occur at the same time but is not caused by one another. Allodynia can also be a symptom during a attack. You can read more about that here;

    There is also research indicating those who have allodynia between migraine attacks may play a next in our next attack. We have information on that in this article;

    I hope that information helps,

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