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Does anyone else get a resurgence in migraines during periods of high anxiety? I was severely bullied for 3 years as a kid and had about 8 years of total bullying. I remember when the bullying started that's when my chronic headaches and migraines started.

When I go through similar situations today, I noticed my migraines get really bad and am working with a therapist to establish healthy boundaries in my life.

  1. Hi Mystickatdaddy,

    Thank you for your post. I am sorry to hear you experienced bullying as a child and are experiencing resurgence migraine attacks when processing the trauma. It is wonderful to hear you are working with a therapist and I hope you are finding it helpful. I thought you would find the following articles interesting and informative -,, They discuss the relationship between trauma and chronic migraine, and various treatments to alleviate the symptoms. Also, do you see a migraine specialist? It may be helpful. Here is some information on how to connect with one -, Hopefully you can find one in your area! I hope you find this information helpful. Please reach out with any additional questions. We love hearing from you! Wishing you all the best today.


    Meaghan ( Team)

    1. Absolutely! I find anxiety, and any other forms of acute stress, to be huge triggers for me. It's like a 1 - 2 punch, first the grip of anxiety and then the migraine. Not fair at all. The only thing I can say about this trigger is that it's more in your control than something like the weather. As lame as it may sound try to practice your breathing. During an attack isn't the ideal time to practice 😀 been there! Find a few times during the day to practice deep breathing and do it every day until you get good at it. I've had a therapist and physical therapist help me along the way but now there are apps that help. Just counting to 4 breathing in then 4 breathing out can do it, too. What I have found helps me is that over time I got good at it from practice and then when I needed it, it was there for me to use. It didn't' work the first time but eventually it started to work for me. The first time it worked I felt great because I had done it and just by breathing. You can do it too.
      Before I forget - my awesome therapist at the time said something life changing but simple. Everyone said to me "just relax, just breathe". That's not what I'm saying. (I hated when people said that.) She told me "yes, you are having an anxiety attack, accept it. what's the worst that can happen?" I said "pass out?". We agreed. There was something powerful in accepting what was happening instead of fighting against it.
      I am so sorry you have had bullies in your life. I don't know if there's anything I hate more than a bully. I hope it's behind you. Focus on you. I hope some of this helps. If not just please accept my peace and love. We all need it to get through this life with migraine. Some days I think it will never end. Just keep breathing. 😀

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