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Anyone Develop Migraines Mid-Sleep?

Hi! Jan of 2019, I woke up from my first migraine ever mid-sleep. I didn't notice any pain (only symptom I get) before bed. I thought it was a freak thing. However, it happened again in August. By that point, I was on a PPI for GERD, so thought that could be contributing. They upped my GERD meds end of Aug and two weeks into it, I would fall asleep and an hour later wake up with a blasting headache. Once the meds were lowered, this stopped. However, migraines woke me once in Oct, Dec and recently in May. I had a clear MRI in 2018. Has anyone noticed a pattern change where migraines waking them mid-sleep? Ty!

  1. Hi MK2019, thank you for reaching out! I hear how disconcerting it feels to wake from sleep with migraine symptoms. You are not alone in that experience. While we cannot offer medical advice or diagnostics over the internet (for your safety!), one headache type that sees this pattern is hypnic headache. I thought this article might be of interest to you: If you have not consulted further with your doctor about the migraine symptoms you are continuing to experience, I would encourage you to do so! Please keep us posted on what you learn and how you are managing. Wishing you a gentle day. ~Allyson ( team)

    1. I’ve been having migraines since I was a teenager. I’ve been on Topamax for years , it seems to help but I still get them sometimes. I will be dreaming that I have a headache and wake up with a migraine, the throbbing is unbearable, it’s usually right above my right eye. I take so much medicine to get rid of it

      1. Oh my gosh, so sorry. I have to take so much medicine too when that happens. I tried Topomax and it didn’t help me. It actually caused me headaches!

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