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Anyone else have major success with D-Ribose?

I've had migraines since I was 11 years old. I've tried just about every preventative med, acupuncture, massage, biofeedback, mouth guards, special diets, etc with no significant lasting results. For most of my adult life, I've had 4-6 migraines per month. Back in February, I just happened to try an all natural energy tea that I got at a sandwich shop, and it seemed like I was getting fewer migraines when I had the drink. So, I decided to test the theory by having one drink each morning with a breakfast sandwich. In the past 4 months, drinking one drink every morning, I've only had one migraine and that was on a day that I was extremely dehydrated. So, that's like a 90+% reduction in migraines for me so far. Looking at the ingredients of the energy tea, the only one I really haven't had before on a regular basis is D-Ribose. Research shows that D-Ribose impacts the energy production in mitochondria and it has been shown in studies to have a significant reduction of symptoms in people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia - but I haven't seen anything about its impact on migraines. I bought D-Ribose powder to try by itself - and found that it makes me really groggy if I don't take it with carbs - which is probably why the drink works so well. I've never had any unusual energy problem, except right before I get a migraine. And I've never had all over body pain - just migraines. So, I don't have any Chronic Fatigue or Fibro symptoms - yet, it appears that the D-Ribose has eliminated the large majority of my migraines. I'm wondering if anyone else has tried D-Ribose or found any info about why it could likely be eliminating my migraines. I know people get migraines for different reasons, but I would venture to say there have to be others like me.

  1. Hi Tausha,

    Thank you for sharing your success with us - that's terrific! I don't have experience with D-Ribose, but hopefully others will be along shortly to share their experience with you.


    1. Tausha,

      Thank you for this post. I will be looking for that tea tomorrow! As we all know, ANYTHING natural is worth a try! I'll report results in a month or so.


      1. **Just did a bit of research. It appears D-Ribose is a supplement. And not very cheap! I just ordered my second bottle of CBD oil, so will wait to try the D-Ribose, although the D-Ribose is a lot less expensive than CBD oil. Anyway...I will be back to update. 😀

        1. Hi icorvidae,

          Thank you for the update! I'm finding medical cannabis helpful with sleep as well.

          Looking forward to more updates!!!

          Nancy Harris Bonk, Moderator/Patient Advocate

        2. Hii Icorvidae, so how are u doing now on the CBD oil now.. Are you still experiencing them migraines? If not, I think I've found something that could be helpful. My supplement I'm taking right now.. I don't remember the last time I experienced the migraines since 2015 unless, I stay hours without eating or I get stressed up as I have too many things going on in my mind at the same it. Then I many experience that but even with at that, when I take deep breaths and calm down and pick one task at a time, I get better ofter a few minutes or hrs or when I find something to eat, it goes away.

          For instance Even this just this past week, I think I experienced it a little bit.. Cos I hit my head on the edge of a metallic dry line a couple of days ago, coupled with some lights outs about 3 days ago so couldn't sleep properly.. I started experiencing some headaches, it was like my brain is shaking inside my head and a small part is was aching me.. Right there I took my supplements, 2 that evening and 2 morning, then Saturday , took 4morning, 4 evening instead of then normal 2×2 and yesterday , 2 morning and last night took my 2 caps and I can't feel my head ache anymore(the Migraine). This has really been of incredible help to me and a lot more other here in our country and every other country that it's available in.

      2. I really hope D-Ribose is something that works for others as well, so I would love to hear back about your experiences. Like I said, I've had the best result with the all natural energy tea that contains the D-Ribose. But, it is around $2.50 per can in my area, and I do one each day, so it's about $75 per month. However, that is what my co-pay was for prescription meds to abort the migraines I was getting. So, I'm paying about the same, and I have the added benefit of not getting the migraines in the first place. I think the D-Ribose supplement alone would be cheaper than buying the tea, but again if going that route, I would recommend making sure you take some carbs with it to prevent any grogginess from what I believe is a low blood sugar crash. The tea has honey in it, so that might be something good to combine with the supplement.

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