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Does anyone else suffer from abdominal migraine?

I have been suffering for over 2 years and only just got diagnosed. I find it hard to express what I'm feeling, how it starts and also struggle to find a middle ground on reducing it happening. It's not only affecting my work but my personal life as I'm bed struck in pain when it comes on.

  1. Hi shane4312,

    Thank you for sharing your new diagnosis with us, but I'm sorry you are going through this. Although I don't have this type of migraine attack, I know the relief I felt once I had an accurate diagnosis.

    Let me share a few articles with you on this type of migraine attack; and

    Hopefully others will be along shortly to share their stories with you!


    1. Hi Nancy,

      Thank you for getting in touch!

      I hope some people do come forward, though even if they do not reading some peoples stories on here are rather comforting to know other people understand the frustration and pain that i go through and how hard it is to deal with it.

      I find people around me struggle to understand what is wrong with me and the pain i go through, sometimes feels like they look at me and just say get over yourself. I struggle a lot to keep my head up especially in work.

      So even just getting a reply, helps a lot.


  2. Hi Shane,

    Good to hear! I hope you'll be able to continue to share with us. I've found having a chronic illness can be very isolating. Having a strong support network is important - we're glad you've found us!


    1. "I find it hard to express what im feeling, how it starts"
      I don't have abdominal migraine but do have digestive problems that I believe are a combination of "silent" migraine and nerve damage due to spine injuries. I can relate to - find it hard to express what I'm feeling. There are no words for it while it is happening and can't remember it well enough after. I used to have extremely painful puking migraines but it seems at this time the migraines are more silent. Sometimes it seems that I am in prodrome of one type or another for days at a time. Life is a struggle and takes a lot of courage and perseverance.

      1. Hi Shane,

        I believe I had abdominal migraines when I was a child, between the ages of 8 and 18 years old. I say I believe, because the doctor just said I had a nervous stomach, gave me some terrible tasting greed liquid and sent me on my way. It wasn't until I found this site and showed the symptoms to my mom that we realized they were migraines. All I can remember from that time was the severe pain in my abdomen and the terrible nausea I had along with it. I couldn't stand up straight, I walked with my torso parallel to the floor, and I would only walk when my parents made me get up. If I wasn't in the bathroom crying, I was on my bed, in the fetal position, crying all the time refusing to take the syrup, mostly because it was terrible, but also because it only worked half the time.

        Something my old neuro told me before she left her practice was that I needed to break my cycles (even if it was something simple like a five minute walk or taking my book and reading outside), which honestly sounded absurd to me. But thinking back, that is exactly what my parents started doing (this could just be do to the fact that they didn't want me to be home alone, or under my brother's supervision wen an attack came on). They began to notice I was having fewer attacks when they did, it also meant that trips to the store or work was cut short when I did have one. Coincidentally, the attacks which were happening at least twice a month became episodic when they started taking me to a friend's horse barn. This is how I ended up being the only girl at school who actually got the horse they always wanted. After I hit 11 they were mostly caused by extreme stress and the nausea became vomiting.

        I'm not saying to go buy a horse, I'm not even saying that breaking the cycles would work. I am saying I've been where you are, I know that pain and I sincerely hope that you find relief.

        1. How amazing the relief the horse(s) gave you! This is beautiful! Appreciate you joining in on this conversation & sharing your experiences.

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