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Anyone get a migraine after Novocain or anesthesia ?

I am on Ajovy, which has been helping. I’ve had 4 injections so far. Now twice anesthetic seems to have cancelled out the effect of the Ajovy. Or causing a breakthrough headache.

3 weeks ago with propofol during major oral surgery. I woke up with the migraine in the recovery room. I was on IV pain meds too, so the fact that I even had it is really striking. When I got home I immediately took my rescue medication (Relpax), and it did not work. I did not take another since they cost about $ 80 per pill. The remainder of that month I had a low grade daily headache, which was something that Ajovy seemed to be relieving.

Now I am on day 2 of another migraine after Novocain Tuesday. Yesterday was a 8/10, but without nausea. It struck at the usual time, about 3 am, waking me up. Today 6 out of 10. I just took the Ajovy 2 days before, too. I’d been looking forward to the date I needed to inject it, hoping it would get rid of the background headache. Now I wonder if this whole month will be a non-stop headache.

I just want to know if this is a factor known to others or something new.

  1. @Imlahlum Sorry to hear about the continued headache and migraine. I have heard of anesthesia bringing on a headache as you are coming out of the anesthesia. Have you tried ice and heat to help reduce you headache pain? That seems to help me some. Since it is bothersome you may want to touch base with your doctor and get their input. If you need to find a migraine specialist here is a link to get you started.
    Be well

    1. @Imlalum
      I did notice after a day surgery procedure where I was very dehydrated going into the surgery, post op I had a major migraine where nothing helped take it away!
      Think 9/10. I went to ER.
      That may have happened on a milder scale for you.
      Maybe talking to your headache specialist for some ideas . They have helped me tremendously when I’m in a bind.
      Hope you are feeling better soon

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